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About CEO
  • Selva Ganesh is a young Entrepreneur running his sites from his living room. He is an experienced Android Developer, Computer Engineer, Professional Blogger & an addicted Web Developer. He runs 2015-07-18-06-50-06-680-1Android Infotech which offers Software Solutions around the globe.
  • Android Infotech was founded in 2015 and is currently One of the Best sites in the Market.
Little Info About Site

Business network, Asian business people use mobile phones to communicate to each other on white background.

  • We started this site when We struggle to get information related to Rooting and Flashing firmware with the Android Devices.So We Created a site Which Should give full information.We also think about the real time difficulties with the Android Devices.So We Make connections with the Real Users Who Are Using Different devices and Operators.Now the network grows like a giant with actual users and 10+ authors. Whenever New Methods Arrive We contact the Actual Users and get the Feedback from them and make the Relative Post.So Users can use the Methods With Full Trust.

How this System Works


Our Team

Name Designation

Selva Ganesh A -CEO/Founder

Selva Kumar -Author/ Android Developer

Joseph -Author

Karthick -Author

Bavithran -Tech Support

Bala -Tech Support

Josh -Android Developer

Rain n Or -Android Developer

James -Android Developer

Kennady -Tester

Jo Peter -Tester

Stalin M -News

Surya -News

So What is Different About Our Blog
  • Our Team Has More than 5+ Years Experience on the Internet and Android, Before Becoming the Members in Our Blog.So We Know the Difficulties of the User When they Access Websites.We Also Don’t Like irritating Pop-Ups,10+ Download Link Says click Here.So We are Always Care About trueness of the Article and Open Links.
  • Our CEO Always Says”Make it Simple”,”When You Give the Right Quality Contents, Users Always Love us.When You give the Users What they Want they Bookmark You, not in the Browser, In their mind”.

  • We Spend Most of Our Earnings to Educate People Who Can’t Afford to learn.It makes us Happy than anything.”You Don’t Need a Reason to help others”.
  • “Never Worry About Numbers.Help One person at a time and always start with the Person Nearest You”-Mother Teresa.
  • “Work Hard to Make it Simple”,”Work Wise instead of Work hard”
  • Thank you So Much For Spending Your Precious time With us.
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