Download Samsung Galaxy A30 SM-A305F/FN/G/GN Android 11 One UI 3.0 Stock Firmware

Samsung Galaxy A30 Android 11 Notification Screen

Whenever other companies dominate Samsung, They always come with fresh ideas to grab the market again. When Xiaomi and Realme dominate the mid-range phones, Samsung struggle with Old “J” series phones. But after they released the new “M” series and Refreshed the “A” series, they grab the market again. The new “A” series is mostly […]

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Fix Samsung Galaxy M12 SM-M127F/G Stuck on Boot Start screen logo

Samsung Galaxy M12 Apps Screen

Samsung always tries its best to provide the latest technologies at affordable prices. When 5G mobiles are released, Mobile companies provide this technology only in Flagship mobiles. Companies like Xiaomi bring 5G to affordable phones. But it reaches high only when Samsung put 5G in mid-range mobiles. High Refresh rate displays are slowly becoming must-have […]

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Download Motorola Moto G50 Android 11 Official Stock Firmware (All Regions)

Moto G50 Android 11 Google Assistant Screen

While leading mobile manufacturers struggling to sell mid-range mobiles, Moto always focusing on the mid-range sector and getting better sales. The reason is they always release small different price mobiles. For example, $200 and $210 mobile prices can affect more users, and most buy the $200 price range. That’s why Moto released Moto 460, Moto […]

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