Download Motorola Moto Z2 Play Pie 9.0 Stock Firmware (International)

Moto is rolling out Its Pie 9.0 upgrade to a lot of mobiles. Surprisingly, Moto Z2 Play received this update too. We Didn’t Even think about this device in the list. Because Moto is busy with the new mobiles, it is 2.5 Years old device. It is a Good move from Moto. Compare with the Old OS; It is like Fluid UI. Working Smoothly. You can make this update using Software update in settings. When you can’t make the update, due to some region restrictions, you can try the Internal memory method. When this method fails, you can work with ADB and Fastboot process. The mentioned methods can be done, If you can live access to your mobile.Moto Z2 Play With Inside Red Mountains Background

When you accidentally bricked your mobile, you can use the RSD Lite method. This method is also used to Remove root access form your mobile and bring back Stock Recovery. There are a lot of features like Adaptive Brightness, Adaptive Battery, and Lot of UI enhancements.

Android Pie 9.0 Firmware Flash- Moto Z2 Play

Official OTA Method

If you’re going to update a security patch to the current month. Don’t go for the manual method. Try this Automatic method.

The process is straightforward and simple;

checking for software update android

  • Go to your device setting menu and scroll down to the bottom

  • Tap on “Software Update”

  • You may have to refresh the page to start the OTA upgrade process.

Manual Method (XT1710- International Variant)


  • Check Your Device Mobile No. If you flash Different model number, you will lose some features based on your region.
  • Battery Percentage Above 50.
  • Backup Your Device.

Download Firmware

Using Internal Memory Method

This method doesn’t require  PC support, download, and installs within your mobile. It will work only with Stock firmware installed on your mobile. If you are already using Custom OS, move to the next method.

  • Copy downloaded firmware to your mobile, Rename it to, and copy it to your Internal Root Memory. Copy>> Internal memory. Don’t put in any folder, and Don’t change the name of the file.
  • Now Go to settings >> Apps and Notifications >> Show all apps >> Show system apps.

App Permissions

  • Go to Motorola Update service >> Permissions >> Enable Storage permissions. After enabling this permission. Now update as usual OTA Method.
  • Go to your device setting menu and scroll down to the bottom

  • Tap on “Software Update”

  • You may have to refresh the page to start the OTA upgrade process. Instead of download from Server, this update process will update from your Internal memory.

Using ADB and Fastboot method

This method requires PC support; You can also use this method to use Stock ROM If you are using Custom ROMs.

  • Also, download the ADB drivers. Install it on your PC.

  • Copy your downloaded firmware to PC and rename it to Copy those files to the folder where you installed ADB and Fastboot.
  • Switch off your device. Then, enter into the Stock Recovery mode. To do this- Press and hold down the Volume Down + Power buttons at the same time for some time.

Moto Z2 Play Recovery Mode Warning Screen

  • Press the Volume Up button to continue when you see the warning message.

  • Now, connect the Moto Z2 Play mobile to the computer via USB cable.

  • In Your Mobile stock recovery, select “Apply Update from ADB.” 
  • Launch the fastboot on your computer. Open a Command prompt on your PC and type below command.

  • fastboot devices
  • It should display the connected devices. If you didn’t get the device, restart the command prompt and Disconnect, and Connect your mobile. If you are detected, type below commands.
  • adb sideload
  • The command will install all the files. When the process complete, It will reboot your mobile. You can lock your Bootloader after this process. If you planned to Root, don’t relock your bootloader.

RSD Lite Method

This method can be used to flash firmware if you are using Custom ROM or a rooted device like that. You need a PC for this process.  If you already rooted or have Custom OS, your bootloader is unlocked. But if you relocked your bootloader, you should unlock the bootloader. After unlock, Follow the below steps one by one carefully.

Unlock Bootloader using ADB and Fastboot

Moto Z2 Play Fastboot Mode

  • Switch off your device. Then, enter into Fastboot mode. To do this- Press and hold down the Volume Down + Power buttons at the same time for some time.

Moto Z2 Play Fastboot Mode Warning Screen

  • Press the Volume Up button to continue when you see the warning message.

  • Now, connect the Moto Z2 Play mobile to the computer via USB cable.

  • Launch the fastboot on your computer. Open a Command prompt on your PC and type below command.

  • fastboot devices
  • It should display the connected devices. If you didn’t get the device, restart the command prompt and Disconnect and Connect your Moto Z2 Play. If you are detected, type below commands.
  • fastboot oem get_unlock_data

Moto Get Unlock Data

  • Hit enter, you will get some unlock data. Copy those codes and remove <bootloader> Prefix from those lines and copy them into one single line.
  • Go to Official Moto Unlock Page. Log in with your moto account and in the Box, Paste those codes and Check the unlock Bootloader Status. If you get, Yes you can unlock, You can request unlock Key from Moto.
  • After the process completes, you will get 20 Digit to unlock the key in your email. Now type the following command to unlock bootloader on your device.

  • fastboot oem unlock UNIQUE CODE

Moto unlock bootloader command

  • You should type this code two times and Hit enter to unlock your device successfully. After the successful unlock, your device will automatically reboot to the standard OS.

  • Check again enable “Developer Options,” then go to the “Developer Options” and enable USB Debugging Mode, OEM Unlock and Enable the “Advanced Reboot.” Sometimes they disabled themselves after the boot.
Flash Firmware using RSD Lite

Enabling developer option

  • Enable USB Debugging Mode and OEM Unlock; you’ll find these options at Settings >>> Developer options. If you didn’t see the developer options on your settings menu, then go to about >>> build number; click on the “Build Number” row for about ten times continuously to activate “Developer Option” on your device.

RSD Lite Installation Page

  • We are using third party software flashing. Download RSD Lite and install this also on your PC.
  • Connect Your Mobile With the PC Using USB Cable.
  • Switch off Your Mobile and Enter into Fastboot Mode->Press and Hold Volume Down+ Power Button.

Moto G6 Plus Fastboot Mode Warning Screen


  • Release all the keys when you enter into Fastboot mode.
  • Now Launch RSD Lite Select Your Downloaded Firmware Using this “…” The symbol in the RSD Lite.

RSD Lite selecting Firmware

  • It Will Asks For the Unzip Just Select Uncompress.
  • Check With Your Mobile Details.
  • Now go to Your Mobile Press Volume Down Key And Select AP Fastboot. Make Sure that USB Connected Message is Display(Transfer Mode: USB Connected).
  • Now Select the Start in the RSD Lite Wait For the Process to Complete, Your Mobile Will Reboot After the Process Completion.
Check Firmware
  • You can Check the Firmware Details->Settings->About->Version.

Motorola Z2 Play Pie 9.0 Features

Main Feature

  • Upgrade system from Android Oreo to Android Pie

Gesture Features

  • Swipe up for recent apps
  • Swipe tray up for the app tray
  • Single tap to return home
  • Long press to activate Google Assistant
  • Swipe left to go back
  • Swipe right to flip between the last two apps


Moto Pie Notification Update

  • Now you can disable some unwanted notifications based on your explicit frequent. If you clear Notifications without reading for some specific apps, based on your usage, the system will ask to disable for the separate app.

Adaptive Brightness

  • Based on the environment, your device can automatically adjust the Brightness. To enable this go to Settings >> Display >> Adaptive Brightness

Battery Manager

  • If you enable the Battery manager, you can restrict apps that use unwanted power in the background.

Easy Screenshot in Power Button

Moto Pie Screenshot Update

  • Now you can easily take a screenshot using Power Button. Press Power Button >> Screenshot.

Other Features

  • Added LTE+LTE (Dual Volte) feature
  • Added Panorama feature for the camera
  • Some Camera improvements
  • Easy Volume Controls

Wrap Up

If you are in Stock firmware, Use the Internal Memory method. It is comfortable and safe; You can update like a Regular OTA Update. But if you were already using Custom OS or Rooted devices, You can try RSD Lite Method or Fastboot. Don’t download any third party apps; sometimes, it may trigger the updates process. There are a lot of new Gestures available in this Update, try them also. In my opinion, Moto near Stock Android is better to compare with some other Custom Skin OS. So try to use this OS instead of a Custom OS. But the decision is your choice…:)

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90 thoughts on “Download Motorola Moto Z2 Play Pie 9.0 Stock Firmware (International)

  1. Hi, After the update, my phone is very unresponsive. Every time I unlock it. I have to wait 2 mins before I could start using the phone. Not able to answer the calls.

  2. Hi! Thanks for the Internal Memory Method, but does my Moto Z2 Play have to be rooted? I don’t know how to access the root memory otherwise, and it doesn’t seem to be specified in this article.

    • AT&T and Verizon devices have hard locked Bootloaders. They need Different and additional steps. Don’t flash this firmware. We are working on it. We will post soon.

        • Unlike other carriers, We can’t flash the International version. We have to wait for the downloadable firmware and should find the working method, which can be slightly different from the above process.

  3. I own an XT1710-09 (Europe), and I don’t understand if this firmware can be installed on my phone or not.
    If I apply this firmware, will I be able to receive any future firmware update by Motorola?

  4. Thanks it’s working fine..
    But after Official release I want to go with that .. kindly guide me how I can downgrade or update that official after this ..

    • Sure, flash your respective model number Oreo version, and Place the OTA file in the Internal file manager. The Update notification will appear.

      • Thanks for your response Ganesh ji,
        I’m asking after this update done by your method now I am on adroid pie ..

        But after official OTA updates realize (in future time) I want that for my device also ..

        So I just want to know what is next ..

        1. Is that update or any further updates will I get automatically by OTA like normal process ,

        2. Or need to downgrade to Oreo and then I get
        Because after this pie update LENOVO MOTOROLA ASSISTANCE not able flash/ identify my device,

        3. I am in India model 1710-10

        Kindly guide on this query ..

  5. Thanks for your response. But there kindly guide me flash process and also where I get official India file of Oreo update for downgrade Pie to Oreo.
    I have tried by using Lenovo Motorola Assistant by PC but not able to process there

    • UPDATE: All is well :). It is working nicely. However, my music app won’t close out once I open it. There is an x on the notification panel, but nothing happens when select.

  6. I have followed the manual installation process, but unfortunately, mobile is not detecting the local zip folder. How much ever time I try, it does not update. What to do now?

  7. Thanks for the information, I want to ask
    if I update using this rom, phone’s IMEI doesn’t change/lost, right? My MZ2P model is XT-1710-09.

  8. How to install this firmware version on the phone. Please help me. I already download the file. please note step by step

    • The firmware is the International Retail version. It is compatible with all unlocked variants. But You may not get the particular region features. To get those features, You have to flash the region based firmware.

  9. I used the internal memory method. It worked. I am was pleasantly surprised it did. If there is any feature missing from the 8.0 release, I can’t tell. I was worried about the build stability, but so far, it is working without issues. Thank you all to those that posted this solution; it gave my trusted device new life.

    • We know the value of everyone’s mobile. It is not based on the price. We always emotionally connected with our mobiles. So, We always tested with trusted sources before posting anything in our blog. We feel great it worked seamlessly for you..:)

  10. Hi, Mr. Ganesh, I am Raghavendra Hyderabad, thanks and regards for your update. My device is MOTO XT 1710-10, and I have updated to android 9 using your file through OTA method, all are fine but Wi-Fi frequently disconnecting if you help me to fix this I will thankful to you.

    • If you added the Wi-Fi in the older version, forget the network and add it again. Also, check with the sleep option in Wi-Fi settings.

  11. Hi!
    Thx for the guide.
    I’m put the under the “internal memory” root (not the /) directory and give the right permission but don’t know why it doesn’t see the update.
    My model: XT1710-01 in Canada
    Any hint why?

  12. Hello Ganesh.
    After losing all hope that I’ll ever get Android 9 pie for My Motorola Z2 Play ( as Lenovo Motorola seems to have abandoned its old users), your file & Internal memory method has come as a blessing.
    Thanks a lot.

  13. thanks bhai .. android pie k liye
    but bhai device themes .m 3 options hai but dark select krne pr dark ho rha hai but other 2 options ( light, automatic based on wallpaper) ko select krne pr theme same light he rheti hai ..

  14. Thank you for your work, first of all.
    I have an XT1710-09 rooted unlocked bootloader with a custom Nougat (not Oreo). I tried RDS procedure, but RDSlite doesn’t uncompress claiming that “the compressed file you selected doesn’t contain any supported file.” I downloaded again just to be sure it wasn’t corrupted in download but no luck. I also tried to move in C:\root just to prevent any long path related possible problems. Any hint?
    p.s. I also tried the “apply update from ADB” procedure, but no luck as well, at the end of the zip file verification phone was not validating the renamed file file and process aborted. I also tried to skip the phone zip file verification, but the operation failed as well.

  15. Thank you. 3 mobile in Ireland weren’t providing the update so downloaded, renamed, and installed using the OTA method you described above. Worked perfectly.

    • Hi Tim. Ireland user with the same phone moto z2 play, and I downloaded the file and renamed it to the and moved the zip file to my internal storage without putting it into a folder. I then went in and activated the storage permissions in the Motorola setting and finally navigated to the system update. Is that all it takes for the phone to detect the file? It just keeps saying my device is up to date

  16. I did everything you said in using the internal memory method…but when I tried to update, it says system updates are available in-home network only….please help. I don’t know how to fix this

  17. I have updated my phone… everything was working fine until I noticed that the touch screen was not working after we lock the mobile, we are not able to unlock the mobile for 2-3 minutes.
    I have reset the mobile, but it’s not working.
    Please tell a solution or any method to downgrade to pie without pc.
    If I tell a method to flash by pc, then plz tell an easy and straightforward way.

  18. Hello, I installed the 9 pie according to your instruction. Thanks! I was expecting enabling wifi call somehow, but it did not work for me. I tried a different method. Could you recommend any solution for me? I need to use wifi calling at some point, so it is essential for me. Thanks.

    • Try with a different SIM carrier. Your carrier should certify the model in your region to use VoLTE and Wi-Fi calls.

  19. Using X1710 -10 with original Android 8
    Followed the Internal memory method for installation;
    Went through the steps provided without renaming the Package;
    The update started, and the phone migrated to Android 9 and works like a charm now. Everything works fine 100% as it was before.
    The data was also completely intact. However, had done a backup as a precaution.
    Hope you can let all the user know that the installation takes around 30 mins to complete and you have to be patient and allow it to complete.

  20. Another Feather to your Hat Selva, Thanks a ton for sharing the recipe.

    Installed over STOCK Oreo on XT1710-10 using the internal memory thru the OTA method on India Version Dual sim Z2 Play.

    After the update, it initially stuck at BOOT LOOP, restarted twice after waiting for 15-20mins

    Now, Everything is working as expected. Checked my moto-mods as well.

    with Android PIE was able to see a significant change in the Response time of the device

  21. Worked like a charm. Done the normal update with no utilities. Phone XT1710-09. It is a bit of a problem with the Moto app because it says that it is no longer supported in Google play. But Moto actions and moto display got a great update, and after I downloaded Moto apk from Aptoide (version, I even got the new UI. Moto mods are working great too. Tested Soundboost, gamepad, one of the battery packs, and projector. I even got my language which is a great +.

    • But I actually forgot about one thing. It seems like Miracast is still not activated from the start. (Its disabled from version Android 8) So It seems like I still need to Root my phone and enable that one.

  22. Can you tell me what internal memory means cause I tried to paste at “/,” and it doesn’t work for me by not having permission? When I tried to paste at “/storage/” and “/storage/emulated,” the same way was denied. It just goes possible to paste at “/storage/emulated/0” but doesrecognizeized the update file when to click on the “Update System” menu. It simply shows me a screen that said my system is updated after a screen “Verifying if there’s an update.”
    My actual phone is an XT1710-09 running a system version is Android 7.1.1 NPS26.118-19 Security Patch: 1º July of 2017.
    Can you help me?
    Thanks and congratulations for your excellent work to help us, clients of old devices of Motorola.

    • You have to paste the firmware in the File Manager> Internal memory/phone memory. Add the firmware into the root folder. Don’t put it in the sub folders.

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