Passwordless Log-in coming in 2023 for Android Mobiles and Google Chrome Browser

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When it comes to Security, Google always takes serious and advanced measures. Google is constantly pushing users toward Two-Step authentications. But, Google realized most users avoid two-factor authentication due to two-step inputs every time, even though they know about security measures. Google is slowly reducing additional authentication with Android mobiles. As a further step in […]

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Download Samsung Galaxy A42 5G SM-A426U Spectrum Mobile Charter USA Android 12 One UI 4.1 Stock Firmware (Carrier Locked)

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Not all Samsung mid-range variants are available in the US regions. Only Samsung Galaxy “A” series mobile is available with all carriers most of the time. Since Each carrier firmware is slightly different from others. Samsung has to get approval and some modifications from the carriers. In the Samsung Galaxy “A” series, Samsung Galaxy A42 […]

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Download Samsung Galaxy S21 5G SM-G991U Verizon Wireless USA Snapdragon Android 12 One UI 4.1 Stock Firmware (Carrier Locked)

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Compared with other countries, US carriers have control over OTA updates too. Since they provide unique apps and features, They work with the mobile manufacturers to provide a special updates to ist users. The OTA process takes a long time compared with International versions. Also, The updates may vary slightly based on the carriers. Samsung […]

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