Download Front and Back Flash Light Control App For Android (2 flash apk)

Unfortunately, some Android smartphones do not have the torch app on default. Therefore, you would have to download an app from the Play store or other accredited app hosting platforms. However, most smartphones come with an option to activate the “torchlight/flashlight”; but, it is only the back flashlight that you can activate using the default “Flashlight” feature. On the other hand, there are mobile apps that allow you to use your back LED flash and your whole screen as the front flashlight. In this article, we will provide you with the best app to enable back and front flash selfie light.

Front Flash Light

There are several apps for this action, but this app we are reviewing in this article is considered the best by our team. Many apps you see on the play store do not support both the front and back flashlight feature. So, this one is recommended by our team as the best; it is lightweight and intuitive.


Obviously, your device must have a LED front flash and also a LED back flash; some devices with such support includes Moto X Pure, Samsung Galaxy J7, Honor 7 Octa Core, Sony Xperia, and the likes. This app lets you utilize the front and back LED flash function of your smartphone, a great app to install on your Android device. This application is available for free from various trusted app stores. However, if you’ll download it from the Google play store, then, your device must be on Android KitKat (4.4+) or any of the later versions. Interestingly, the app is not as bulky as some other flashlight apps; it is very lightweight.

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  • Works perfectly on all Android Mobiles which have front and back flashlights.

  • Makes it easier for you to activate either your front or the rear LED.

  • It is more intuitive and helpful than other apps for Android.

  • With this app, taking selfies in dark environments just got better.

  • Also, it allows the user to make video calls in the dark.

  • When using a video call app (especially at night) via front camera, this app can serve as a torch.

  • The best utility flashlight on the various app stores for Android smartphone users

  • Works with your front flash for camera shots. Works with All camera apps. Makes selfies look great even in a low light environment by illuminating your face.

  • LED Hardware Trigger app, It Does not Show white Display for Brightness.

Mobile Front Flash on

Download 2flash apk

Below are the few trusted platforms we recommend you should download this application. The direct download links are what we have provided below, respectively.



Though, you should take note of some specific things when using this app, so that it doesn’t bridge your device.

  • Do not activate the flashlight for a very long time; it may affect your LED flash for taking pictures. But this is not applicable to high-end devices.

  • If your smartphone does not have or support front LED flash, do not install this app, check out for an alternative.

  • The latest version of this app now comes with a unique widget to correctly activate the front flashlight or the back flashlight. We, Will, release soon.

Supporting Mobiles

  • Motorola Moto X Pure Edition

  • HTC Desire EYE 4G LTE GSM

  • Sony Xperia C4 Selfie Smartphone

  • Sony Xperia C5 Ultra E5553

  • Asus ZenFone Selfie ZD551KL

  • Samsung Galaxy J7 Dual Sim

  • J5 Dual Sim

  • Sony Xperia C3 D2533

  • Samsung Galaxy J5 SM-J500 GSM

  • BLU Selfie US GSM

  • Samsung Galaxy J7

  • Samsung Galaxy J5

  • Galaxy J7 2016

  • Samsung Galaxy J5 2016

  • Moto Z Play

  • Sony Xperia XA Dual

  • Lenovo Vibe S1

  • HTC Desire Eye M910X

  • Samsung Galaxy J7 Max

  • All other mobile smartphones that have front flash support

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If you didn’t see your device model above, but it has a front LED flash feature, this app will also work out for you.

Final Thoughts

If your smartphone happens not to come with an option to activate your back LED flash, this app can be of help in such scenarios. This app is free with no in-app purchases support. Also, the app is very light so it will not bulk your smartphone at any time. However, if your LED flashlight has stopped function as a result of improper rooting of the device, this app may not work either. We recommend you refer to our rooting guides if you want to root your Android smartphone.

Finally, you are free to reach out to us if you think our help is needed.

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