How to Take Screenshot in Samsung Galaxy A9 2018

Taking screenshots is not easy in Some Samsung devices compared with Google Pixel and OnePlus Devices. The Problem is a combination of key pressings. Most of the users can’t maintain the timing between the keys. So, is this an Only one Option? No. There are a lot of other alternatives, and some third-party apps are available for this process. Samsung Galaxy A9 2018, also have some Palm gestures that make even easy to take screenshots. Below I Explain all the methods and tested third-party apps to do this.
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Supporting versions: All Variants of Samsung SM-A920.

Take Screenshots in Samsung Galaxy A9 2018

Method 1: Using Physical Key combinations

Samsung A9 2018 Screenshot


You can use your Volume Down+ Power Button to take screenshots. Use your Left hand to Hold Volume Down Button from back Right-hand and Finger to Power Button. If you Hold from the back, you can easily Press the combinations.

You Can find these photos in Gallery Screenshots Folder.

Method 2: Using Palm Swipe

Palm Swipe Screenshot A9 2018


Samsung A9 2018 has unique features like palm swipe gestures. To Access this feature, Go to Settings >> Advanced features >> Palm Swipe to Capture >> Enable. After enabling this feature, swipe your palm from left to right above the sensor to capture screenshots.

Method 3: Using Apps

Screenshot Easy App

Screenshot Easy App

  • Beyond Just a Screenshot, you can do a lot of things like Screen Recorder, Entire Website Page Capture, and Scroll Capture.
  • After you Install this app, You can see this app in the Notification Bar. If you tap Capture, It will Capture the current screen on your Mobile.
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Screenshot Touch App

Screenshot Touch App

  • It is similar to the above app. But in my usage, It is easy to use, because of the Touch Assistive menu. When you tap that Logo, It will Pop-up with the option for capture.

Touch Master App

Touch Master App

  • Download TouchMaster (Assistive Touch) App from Play Store.
  • There are a lot of Touch Assistants available, But they are loaded with some unwanted features. This app can make our work done with less storage.


If you are a Regular user, I advise you to use Physical keys, because you will rarely use the Screenshot feature. But, If you are a Developer or some techie guy who use various screenshots, use In-Built Palm Gesture or Play Store Apps. If you install from third-party sites, Always check the Background activities to avoid your Data stolen.

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