Three Best Avengers Themes You should try on your Mobile

I Know we are not going to use this kind of themes for a Long time. But, when we are in this season, We like to change our wallpapers like that. So, In those activities, I added these three best Avengers character-based themes. There are plenty of available themes. But, these three look best and works best. The Android users are indeed blessed to have the option to customize their mobile phones with different mobile themes like Avengers and its superheroes. You can not just only change the background or set a lock screen of your choice but also improve the icon.  Today, I bring the world best five handpicked avengers themes for your mobile. Instead of focusing on one type of Avenger mobile theme, we carry a various variety of mobile themes. Every mobile theme which I am sharing below has different colors, 3D effects, icon styles, and even texture, etc. So, if you are Avengers lover and love this movie and novel, then this post will give you options to change the theme of your mobile right now.Avengers EndGame Wallpaper

Jarvis Arc Theme

Our first pick of handpicked avengers theme is for those who are the fan of the most popular superhero of Avenger called Iron Man. This is a complete package for the Android users which does contain not only wallpapers but also the customized icon pack. You can easily customize and personalize your mobile phone once you download and install this pack.

Iron Man theme

While it says the Iron hero theme but the color scheme of this theme is based, Jarvis AI. It has beautiful neon shades color scheme along with the galaxy background. Every icon is full of the spirit of the superhero and looks very creative yet professional. It is suitable for all age of people due to the decent and fun look and colors used. The high definition wallpaper and colors will make your mobile phone look to bring even in the low light or under the light of the sun. But, it required Samsung S10 launcher or Mac OS launcher.

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  • Customize icon for all apps

  • Option to personalize images

  • Easy and straightforward home screen management

  • HD quality Iron hero wallpapers

  • Suitable for all Android devices.

Get Jarvis Theme

Purple Panther Theme

Black Panther Theme

Whether you are a male or female, this purple color theme can go to your mobile smoothly. It is inspired by the Black Panther movie and has all the elements of pather too to make it more interesting. This purple panther theme of Avenger does not just have the basic customize icons, but icons for favorite apps also like Facebook and Instagram, etc. This theme works well with all of the popular mobile brands of Android.

People love this theme because of its color schemes and customize icons for third-party apps too. It is capable of all the famous brand phones including Sony Xperia, Samsung, HTC and Huawei, etc. You can check whether this theme is supported by your mobile phone or not in advance before you install in your device. It won’t make your mobile phone slow. It is quick, easy to install and use — required CM Launcher.


  • It has many customized wallpapers

  • Purple Panther has DIY themes

  • There are animated effects included

  • The launcher has different for themes

  • You can set a personalized locker.

Get Purple Panther Theme

3D Thunder God Hammer Theme

Thor Theme

The themes based on Thor’s hammer. First of all, let me clarify that it is not a regular static Android theme but the 3D theme for your mobile. The designers know very well how to make you fall in love with this theme; that’s why they have incorporated all the latest technology elements in this theme.

We have saved the best Handpicked Avengers Theme For your Mobile in the last. If you are looking for something beyond just photos and wallpapers of superheroes of Avengers, then this is a perfect choice for you.

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Do you have any better-handpicked avengers theme for us to share? How about your share your recommendation in the comment section? This will surely improve our list of the best Avengers themes for mobile. You have required CM Launcher.


  • Customize 3D Android theme

  • HD and 3D wallpapers and background

  • A dreamy lock screen

  • Numerous wallpapers and theme

  • Full theme package for Android.

Get 3D Thunder God Hammer

Wrap Up

I Know, we don’t like to use this themes forever. But We love to use them during the Avengers season. CM Launcher contains lots of Themes. But some are buggy. So, We filtered out only two themes in CM Launcher. You should care when you download apps from third-party sites. If you are using any theme, that can work best compare with the above apps, mention in comments.

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