Three Best NBA and Basketball Free Live Scores app For your Android Device

There are many ways you can keep in touch with your favorite sports. However, irrespective of which games you love most, there are dedicated apps for such sports. For Basketball fans, you could follow up your favorite team by watching them on TV, streaming their matches online via supported apps and platforms, or you could still use any of these free live score apps. Interestingly, these apps are all free applications; they are equally lightweight and compatible with various Android versions. However, these apps do not support live streaming of basketball games; it is just the scores that you will be able to view, alongside stats, and quite important team news. So, here are the best three NBA and Basketball Live Score apps that are free and lightweight.NBA Basketball in Basketball Court

Best free NBA live score apps

There are numerous apps out there in various play store that can show you live scores of NBA matches. However, these three have selected the overall best.

1. Basketball NBA Live Scores

This application is one of the top-rated NBA/basketball live score apps on Playstore. The app comes with handy features arranged in a fresh, intuitive, easy-to-navigate interface. Everyone can easily understand the features of the app as they are straightforward and rightly labeled.

Basketball NBA Live Scores Screenshot

With this mobile app, you will be up-to-the-minute on NBA stats, and real-time play-by-play. This application is updated frequently with all information about NBA basketball which includes seasonal matches’ schedule. Also, this app features a clear cut interface so you can see and understand the information that is displayed on the screen.

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You’ll receive instant notifications about your favorite NBA team; once a game ends, overtime is played, or any other significant match action takes place, you’ll receive instant alerts. That’s quite an excellent way to follow up your team when you’re not chanced to watch the match live on TV or any streaming platform.

Interestingly, you can still review the scores, stats, and essential match info of old matches. Furthermore, you can customize the app to show you information about specific teams, conference, or division; this way, you won’t be bugged with a lot of notifications that are not relevant to you.


  • It shows all NBA live scores and real-time plays to keep you updated at every instance

  • Immediate notifications on necessary match actions such as overtime, match closure, and more

  • Provides you with player boxscore stats, as well as detailed info on which players are currently on the court

  • Supports full match stats, as well as game previews

  • Filter team standings, set custom alerts tones for different notifications

Why should you install this app?

It supports all the NBA teams, including the eastern and western conference. Game playoffs are automatically added once they’re scheduled.

Get Basketball NBA Live Scores

2. Basketball 24 – live scores

Basketball 24 Screenshots

This live score app is faster, simpler, and lighter. It is an app that keeps you up to date with all the NBA match news which includes lineups, stats, scores, and other relevant information. The app features a simplified interface that provides specific details about all basketball match fixtures; it supports all the teams and allows you to indicate which team(s) you want to receive their updates so that you won’t be sent numerous alerts for any random team.

On this app, you are presented with accurate basketball live scores and stats for over 200 basketball leagues and cups worldwide. This is an app to view team results, league standings, and other basketball statistics. Any basketball an can make use of this app efficiently because its interface is user-friendly; straightforward to understand and navigate.

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Also, you will be able to view match histories (point by point) and configure most settings of this application. Whether you are using a smartphone or tablet, this app will work flawlessly on both devices; plus, it has support for older versions of Android mobile.


  • The app provides you with fast and accurate live scores and game results for your favorite basketball team (s).

  • Supports almost all the popular basketball leagues worldwide

  • Displays match history point by point

  • Allows you to view detailed statistics, home/away standings, league table, as well as and playoff draws

  • Lets you configure push notifications and some settings

Why should you install this app?

Basketball 24 app is popular among basketball fans; it is one of the best apps to keep in touch with your favorite team(s), and it is straightforward to use; thanks to the intuitive interface.

Get Basketball 24

3. Basketball Live: Live NBA scores, stats, and news

Basketball Live Screenshots

Although this is not the official NBA app, it is a handy app for all NBA fans. A group of NBA addicts is developing the app, and it is packed with lots of features that every NBA fan would want to access. Tracking NBA games is very easy and seamless when you use this app; it provides accurate, in-depth statistics, as well as analyses for all NBA games.

Interestingly, this app provides you with the latest breaking basketball news from different leagues, and it supports video highlights too. Also, you’ll get to follow up on the exciting challenges between conference leaders in real-time. This app covers all NBA matches in real-time, as well as Play-by-play match commentary.


  • An approachable interface; straightforward to navigate and access to the app’s features

  • Real-time matches’ updates; stats, scores, commentary, and others

  • Supports team lineup info, individual player stats, as well as play-by-play match commentary

  • Multi-tabbed interface

  • Up to date club stats and rankings

  • Players’ leaderboards and KPIs

  • Players’ comparison

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Why should you install this app?

There are tons of features you will access on this app, and is compatible with various Android versions. The app covers almost all the news you need to read about the NBA and basketball in general. A great app to have on your phone if you’re a fan.

Get Basketball Live App

Wrap Up

You may wonder where are the ESPN and Official NBA Apps? Some updates Before every season broke the Live scores and Sometimes required login. So, those who are tired with those apps, the above apps can help you stay with the Game. The Apps are free with Ads, But they are not annoying like other apps. We filtered out in a lot of criteria and chose the above three. If you are using other apps, that are better than this comment below. If you are a Game of Thrones fan, you can check our Best three apps for Streaming.

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