Five Best Tech Podcast Apps For your Android Mobiles

If you don’t know What Podcast is, It is like a Modern Radio. Podcasts made waves years ago when the internet became the mainstream source of everything information and currently, podcasts are still a thing. They let you listen to your favorite expert talk on a particular subject that you’re interested in. It’s fun as you’ll get a radio show experience – better still, you can listen to them wherever and whenever you want to, through a good podcast app.  Podcast apps are not just meant for listening alone; they help you manage your podcasts, search for specific ones, and make adjustments when required. Here’s a list of the best five podcast apps for Android you should consider.Podcast MIC Setup

Podcast Player & Podcast App – Castbox

Multiple awards winner, Castbox is another podcast app that is useful for creators and listeners alike. You can subscribe through it the app to more than one million audiobooks and podcast channels. For creators, it is easy to get your content uploaded using the app, without any audio uploading restriction.

Castbox App Screenshots

Castbox also offers in-audio search to enable an easy search of whatsoever has to do with your favorite subjects (even if the subject is not explicitly detailed in the description or title of the podcasts) all with a few taps. Every podcast is searchable using tags as well, making it easy to find your new favorite.

Also, there are original features like Amazon Echo support, as well as Google Cast support so that you can sling podcasts to smart audio systems with ease.


  • Comprehensive coverage, as it shows and supports podcasts from over 70 countries

    Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo
    Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo
  • A vast library of audiobooks and podcasts

  • Excellent interface optimized for exceptional user experience

  • Pro Subscription available to customize the home page, remove ads, and more for full productivity.

  • “Trim Silence” feature for skipping the silence and listening more to words

  • You can Adjust playback speed which you can slow down to 0.50x and also speed up as fast as 3x.

  • Weekly improvements and updates

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  • Free mode displays too many ads

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Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts App Screenshots

It is available on the Android and iOS platforms, as well as web-based, Pocket Casts is suitable for users who switch between different devices — the impressive feature makes it unpunishable while you change platforms.

The app provides popularity charts, a trending feature, and recommendations for you to gain insight into whatsoever you’re checking out. You can trim the silences between episodes with this app, to minimize how much time it will take to listen to a podcast. The app automatically builds an Up Next queue for you to have a new podcast to listen to (it syncs across all your devices like the other features). Also, the app supports Sonos, Google Cast, Airplay, and Carplay.

The mobile app costs $4 while the web app costs $9, which is quite affordable for an avid podcast user.


  • Automated playlist creation

  • Remembers starting position and playback speed

  • Colorful, and easy to use interface

  • Pocket Casts’ user interface is one of the most picturesque and easy to use.

  • Synchronize playback positions, settings, etc., across all devices including Android, iPhone, iPad, etc.

  • Auto download podcasts at the release of a new episode

  • Built-in sleep timer

  • Queue up the next podcasts

  • Quick access to your show notes

  • Excellent discovery system, which is easy to use

  • Sonos integration


  • Even If it is a Paid app, Doesn’t work with paid podcasts.

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Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict app Screenshots

Podcast Addict offers a similar enhanced experience to Overcast. It provides almost all you could want. Besides offering podcast management tools, it also supports SoundCloud channels, YouTube channels, Twitch, live streams, and audio books. If there is something you need to listen to, it probably can be handled by Podcast Addict.

The app has the playback adjustment feature which enables you to listen to podcasts faster. What makes Podcast Addict unique is the large number of services you can use. The ability to search content from numerous varieties of sources, all through an easy-to-use and welcoming interface, is another great advantage. Having all these features in one free package makes the app a no-brainer option for Android users.

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  • Free version available with advertisements

  • PRO Import OPML

  • A lot of adjustment, settings, and features

  • The built-in shuffle playlist feature

  • Chromecast support

  • Creates play queue automatically

  • Radio Streaming


  • Design is cluttered

  • The UI is a bit cluttered and dull when compared to PocketCast.

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Spotify App Podcast Screenshots

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming companies. It began to do podcasts in 2016. It doesn’t have many available podcasts like iTunes (which many other podcast apps use as their libraries), but the number of podcasts will dramatically increase over time. The service is free if you don’t mind seeing some audio advertisements; otherwise, you can pay $9.99 per month to enjoy the app without ads interference. If you’re already using Spotify, at some point, you may not need a second podcast app.


  • An extensive collection of music and quick access to newly released music  

  • Curated playlists

  • Free version available

  • Related artists

  • You can extend functionality through third-party apps


  • Free accounts display lots of ads

  • Discovery algorithm is terrible

  • Sometimes Poor audio quality- Due to No Filter for Streamer Side

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Podcast Go

Podcast Go App Screenshots

Podcast Go is unique for its minimalist and sleek design, which can be refreshing when compared to the cluttered interfaces in many other podcast apps. On opening the app, the first thing you’ll see is a list of podcasts you are following. Click on the “plus (+)” icon on the page at the top right corner to view new podcasts based on topics and categories, such as politics, news, comedy, business, arts, and technology.

Don’t let its basic design fool you: The app has many features which other podcast apps do not have, such as rotate to view the details of an episode without being directed to another page, and a Voice Boost to ensure that the speech volume remains consistent. Also, it retains the sound quality even if the voices are becoming faster, and in noisy environments, such as an airplane or a car.

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  • Smart speed lets you skip pauses and silences in talk shows

  • Voice Boost feature helps to balance variations on speaker volume

  • Feed redirection for handling change in podcast host URL

  • Easy to make playlists

  • PRO Voice Boost

  • Boosts and normalizes volume

  • Outstanding sound quality

  • Can add podcasts from URL RSS

  • OPML Export and import support

  • Twitter integration


  • Cannot sort by playtime.

  • Very barebones web-app

  • Cannot show played episodes

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Wrap Up

Yes, there is a lot of favorite apps from your side. But, We filtered out this app based on a lot of filters and user reviews. Podcasts are better when you are at work or driving. Where you can’t view Videos. Also, Podcasts will Improve your Imaginary power. Videos will shrink your thoughts and knowledge into Simple Ideas; You may not think beyond the specific Environments. But Podcasts works differently. Don’t download any apps from third-party websites until you trust them. If we Didn’t Include the best app, comment Below.

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