Book IRCTC Train Ticket Using Google Pay (Tez) App and Pay using UPI Payment

Now you can Book your IRCTC Train tickets using your Google Pay/Tez App. Google typically surprises with new features often. The tech giant just updated one of its old apps – Tez, and renamed it to Google Pay; users of this app will be able to book tickets straight from the app. The service is currently available to Indians. So, now, Indians will have to launch the app and book their tickets right on the go. This support is feasible for Indians owing to the country’s rapid welcoming of digital payment systems and the acceptance of using Google’s Unified Payment Interface (UPI) by the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) as a payment method.Train Crossing

Book train tickets with Google Pay if you’re in India

If you’re a citizen of India or living in the country, this is a better way to book for your train tickets. It is faster, flexible, and reliable. With this new booking method, you can reserve your space on a train from anywhere you are and not having to check-in to a rail station to do that.

This app is available for Android and iOS; so, irrespective of your device, you can download the Google Pay app and start booking your train tickets virtually, thanks to the collaboration of the Indian Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) and the global tech giant, Google. Interestingly, Indians will be able to search, book, and even cancel tickets directly from this app; everything happens virtually.

In one of the times we had Google Pay executives spoke about this support, Ambarish Kenghe, Director, Product Management, Google Pay, said, “The train ticket booking feature addresses an important need for Indian users, right within the app and is another step to making the lives of our users easier and more convenient with Google Pay.” It is effortless to book tickets with this app; if you’ve ever paid for a service via a mobile app, the process is almost the same.

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However, before you can be able to use this service, you must have a registered IRCTC account. It doesn’t cost a dime to open this account. Also, it is possible to book for space four months earlier (in advance). Below is how you can book tickets with Google pay as an Indian or someone living in India.

How to book India’s train ticket with Google Pay (IRCTC)


  • First, you have to download/install the latest version of this app (Google Pay) on your Android or iOS device.
  • You Need IRCTC Username and Password; if you did have one, You could create one in IRCTC official Site.
  • Sufficient Balance in your Bank account and you should know your added Bank UPI PIN.


  • You Should have IRCTC Account.
  • Currently, TATKAL Bookings are not Available.

Steps- Book Passengers

train ticket booking google pay steps

Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo
Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo

1. Launch the Google Pay app on your mobile device, go to the business section and select/click on Trains

2. Tap on Book new ticket

3. Look out for trains you can book by specifying your origin, destination, and date of travel. For shortcodes of Train Sheets, you can refer- Train Stations and Codes.

4. Click on any train that appears as a result of your search and checks for its availability

5. Look up for the class you wish to travel in and tap Select. (3A/2A/1A- AC Coaches, SL- Sleeper Class, CC- Chair Car(AC), 2C- Second sitting)

Google Pay IRCTC Passenger ticket booking

6. Enter your IRCTC account/profile details

7. Fill the required passenger information and Continue

8. Choose from the available payment methods and proceed

9. Input your UPI PIN, and you’ll be redirected to the IRCTC website for the final booking process

10. Re-enter your IRCTC password and verify the Captcha on IRCTC website, then, tap on Submit and your ticket will be booked.

View Booked Tickets

1. Launch the Google Pay app on your mobile device, go to the business section and select/click on Trains

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2. Tap on Booked Tickets.

3. You can view your Booked Tickets from there.

Cancel Tickets


  • Cancellation charges apply As per IRCTC Rules. You can refer the charges in IRCTC site.


1. Launch the Google Pay app on your mobile device, go to the business section and select/click on Trains

2. Tap on Booked Tickets.

3. Tap View Details in your Ticket. In the end, you can view Option- “Cancel Ticket.”

4. Select Passengers as per your cancellation schedule. If you want to cancel only selected passengers, select carefully.

5. Refund will be credited to your respective UPI account. The amount will be credit within 2-5 Business Days.

6. If the chart is prepared, File a TDR to cancel Ticket.

Final Words

The UI of this app is better, Compared with the official IRCTC App. But there is no TATKAL option is available now. As you know, No apps can work better than IRCTC app, during the TATKAL reservations. In my experience, it works better. If you face any problem, comment below, we will try to find a solution.

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