Old Google Pay Android app transforms into Wallet with new Update

Handling users’ data becomes complicated day by day. Even as individuals, We have to go through lots of data daily. It starts from our residential address to Bank Cards. Since Physical Cards get damaged and posted, Most users now begin using digital payments apps. Still, People need some platform where they can store all their essential data in one place and take like from their wallets. Yes, Google is already working on their Wallet platform, and they are beginning to roll out it to Android users as an update that will replace the regular Google Pay app. When you are a new user, You can directly download the Google Wallet app from the Play Store.
Google Wallet App Infront of Real Wallet

What is Google Wallet App?

In this payment push, Google wants to replace and digitalize physical wallets. This is fueled by debit and credit cards, event and transit tickets, airline boarding passes, loyalty and gift cards, and vaccination health records. This, together with digital car keys and students’ IDs, is the current data set we can save to your smartphone. It will also integrate with other Google applications.

In the future, Google Wallet – a “secure digital credential store” will house mobile driver’s licenses and state IDs. However, it heavily depends on the modernization of state DMVs (in the US) and other local authorities. That said, Android has the technical support to save your ID safely within the phone. This will be coming “later this year.”

Google Wallet app replacing Google Pay App

Google Wallet is rolling out today as an update for the previous Google Pay app (which has the multi-colored ‘G’ and “Pay” on a white background). The app — titled “Wallet” — features Dynamic Color Themes and the ability to pay with taps in a carousel on top. The various passes are displayed within the below feed, and it is possible to “Add to Wallet” from the lower right FAB (floating action button). After the update, you’ll be able to see that an update to the Quick Settings tile is now known as “Wallet” with the new icon. The icon is also displayed on the screen that locks the Pixel.

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Google Wallet Android Screenshots

“Wallet settings” by tapping the image of your profile that links to the Payments profile. You can also add passes to Gmail to review purchase details (transaction details), Updates of your access (events and flights), and marketing emails.

Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo
Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo

Future Updates

Shortly, Google Wallet can store mobile driver’s licenses, state IDs, hotel keys, and office badges. The first depends on the state DMVs (in the US) and will be available “later this year,” with Android already providing support for the basic technology.


Google Wallet is rolling out as an upgrade to the previous version of Google Pay. Version 2.150.460235810 isn’t yet widely released through Google’s Play Store. However, you can downgrade through APK Mirror this morning.

Wrap Up

replacing Google Pay with the new Google Wallet is a great idea. Google, in past years, always mixed up things and left two or three Apps on the same platform, which always confuses users. But with the new Replacement update, We can store and use everything in one place. Also, Google is focusing on What paid platforms like Lastpass and others are doing. Google has already rollout lots of valuable elements in the Password Manager. They should merge all the Passwords and the Wallets things and avoid confusion. I hope we can see everything in one place where we deal with sensitive information. Did you update your Google Pay into Google Wallet? Share your experience below.

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