HBO Max and Discovery Plus App merger coming on Summer 2023- WB Confirms

Since every media company has begun to start their Streaming platforms, Not all companies are thriving. When a user pays for the subscription, It should feel worthy for them. When a company fails to meet standards, it can’t run for a long time. Also, Most of the Successful Streaming platforms provide a bundle of libraries. The Success of Disney+ is they merged all their content under one hood. Now Warner Bros want to do the same. Instead of getting two different subscriptions in HBO Max and Discovery Plus, WB plans to merge HBO Max and Discovery Plus and name into something new. Warner Bros Discovery CEO officially made the announcement.
HBO Max and Discovery Plus Merger

HBO Max and Discovery Plus App merger

According to JB Perrette (CEO and president of global streaming, games, and media for Warner Bros.), the media company has announced a timeline for merging the two services: HBO Max will launch in the U.S. in the summer of 2023, and Discovery+ in the fall of 2023. Discovery is speaking at the Q2 earnings call.

Statement by WB CEO about Discovery Plus and HBO Max

JB Perrette is the CEO and president of global streaming, interactive, and worldwide at Warner Bros. Perrette stated that putting the content together was the only viable way to make it a profitable business. The goal of bringing together Discovery+ and HBO Max is to reduce churn.

HBO Max is a very competitive feature set, but it has had issues with customer performance and customer service,” stated Zaslav, President and CEO at Warner Bros. Discovery.

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Name of the new Stream Platform for HBO Max and Discovery Plus

Warner Bros. Perrette stated that Discovery initially focuses on the ad-supported and ad-free versions of combined HBO Max-Discovery+. However, Perrette also said they are “Exploring ways to reach customers in this free, ad-supported space” with content utterly different from the premium VOD services. WBD didn’t announce the brand name of the merged service nor the pricing for it.

New Stream Platform Expectations

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Perrette stated that the merged HBO Max/Discovery+ would bring together the best of both services. Perrette started HBO Max had issues with “performance and customer service” but offered a rich set of features. Discovery+ has fewer features but a more robust underlying delivery infrastructure.


WBD will expand the unified HBO Max Discovery+ platform to Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and other markets after the 2023 summer rollout in the United States.

Wrap Up

The reason Disney wins on any platform is its connectivity with users. Most people judge the price of the streaming platform when they are released. But now, everybody feels the price is worth it, and they have a vast library. Instead of getting extra payments, Merging all your platforms under one hood makes sense, and it will be helpful for both users and the company in the long run.

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