HBO Max new AD-Support $9.99/Month Plan Full Details

When are you ready to spend money. Thus an additional few dollars or cents can change your mind? Yes. That’s why All of the companies pricing in cents instead of the round of money. Instead of putting $20, They go for $19.99. So, Even One cent spend can change our minds and search for alternatives. The same goes for Digital subscriptions also. While for the bundle package in Amazon Prime, You can get more features, including digital media contents. Nowadays, every TV and Movie company begin to start its own Digital Stream Platform. Warner Bros already begin to Premiere their movies in HBO Max. To Grab more users Now HBO Max introduced a new affordable AD-Support $9.99/Month Plan with few restrictions.
HBO Max Contents in Android TV Animation

HBO Max-Stream Platform

HBO Max is the streaming platform. That was launched on May 27, 2020. HBP Max platform offered by Warner Media features 10,000 hours of premium bundling. HBO Max bundles all of HBO together with more TV shows, blockbuster movies, and new Max original for everyone to their users, including Friends, South Park, Wonder, Wonder women, and much more. We can access HBO Max only in the US and certain US areas. But now, they expanded their region to Latin America and Some Caribbean Countries.

It is the home of HBO’s premium TV shows and movies and additional programming from Warner media Library. This service available in the US, as we said, largely replacing the two older Streaming Services called HBO Go and HBO Now.

For most the streaming service, all you need to have the service from the computer, phone, or other supported device.HBO Max users directly subscribe through the mobile app store. Once you select your device, you can watch your video. HBO Max has an additional option to browse and download your shows or video, which you can watch offline also, but this is applicable only via the proper Android or IOS Apps.

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Old Plans

HBO recommends a minimum 5mbps speed for HD Streaming, but for the best experience, you might want to step that up slightly. It also has the best video streaming features like Parental controls, Multiple account profiles, and audio descriptions. HBO Max costs like $14.99/per month, but Warner Media introduces a cheaper and ad-supported version in June of this year. In the further session, we can discuss briefly.

HBO Max new AD-Support $9.99/Month Plan

Warner Media confirms that this ad-supported HBO Max tier would be $9.99/per month, as per the CNBC report. It is a $5 discount when compared to the ad-free version. Some of the streaming services can watch the same-day released movies like Wonder Woman 1984, but in HBO max, the Ads tier won’t support watching the movie when they are released.

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Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo

But it is pretty to see that Warner Media has overcome this problem. Since the HBO Max tier is half cost of the standard price, there is a lot of potential for lost revenue with big-budget movies.

Why HBO Max Introduced AD-Support $9.99/Month Plan?

ATT HBO Max New Ad-Support USD 9.99 Month Plan Confirmation

For the future of HBO Max, Warner Media confirmed some of its plans during the Investor Day call, projecting between 120 to 150 million subscribers by the end of 2025. In the June of this year, this new ad-supported tier will go live in the United States; at the same time, 39 territories in Latine America and the Caribbean are expected to get the service.

In late 2021 with 21 markets, Europe will gain this support. Key to that, this ad-supported HBO Max tier drives down the monthly subscription. This new HBO Max tier subscription won’t be free; it will show you ads by the lower entry point. When compared to Hulu services, which charges like $5.99/per month with ads, without ads, it charges $11/per month. Warner Media CEO said like, ads on HBO Max will be implemented “elegantly.

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Wrap Up

Most of the Media Stream Companies have different plans to attract more users. HBO Max should not remix the plans. It may create confusion with the users. Most of the companies like Hulu always stick with the two plans. The regular one and AD-Supported Affordable one. Other than the Same Day release miss, The AD support version will have only a few Ads, like 2-3 Ads per hour or a Movie. HBO Max promised they would try their best to make the AD experience the best. Most of the time, Stream Companies always use their contents as Ads, Instead of using third-party source contents. Did you feel the new HBO Max AD Support plan is useful for people? Share your thoughts.

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