Download SuperSU zip Root Files and SuperSu Apk All Versions

SuperSu CF-Auto-Root is the app you use to manage root permissions of your mobile after a successful rooting process. Mostly, for Samsung mobile devices, once you root them and install TWRP recovery, you can equally add SuperSu right away. There are two unique types of this app available; there are the file and SuperSU.apk. The apk version like you may know what you’ll install directly on an Android device; Android OS supports apk files.

Also, as I said earlier, you can install this app to a Samsung or any other mobile device via TWRP. For installing SuperSU via TWRP, what you will need is the .zip file. When you get the .zip type/version of this app, then, you’ll extract its contents on a computer and save to a particular folder.  Furthermore, after rooting a smartphone, you can install any app to it. However, the app must be a .apk. Otherwise, it will not accept to install on your Android device.

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The SuperSu App

Meet the #1 mobile app on any rooted Samsung Galaxy device or other smartphones. The app works to allow you to manage root permissions on your smartphone. This means, if your device is not rooted, it is very likely that this app won’t be relevant so ignore it.

On the other hand, if your device is rooted, then, you need this excellent app. We will show you where to download the zip and apk versions of the root permissions app.

Things to note before downloading any version of SuperSu

  • First and foremost, the mobile device you are trying to install it on must be Rooted. We have some helpful tutorials on how to root an Android device successfully using a PC or even without a PC.

  • This app is available as a flash file, and equally a regular app for your smartphone; you have to know which is best for you and download

  • Take note of your device model no.

How to install this app on a Samsung device

  • Download SuperSu.Zip Form below and copy it into your Internal Memory.

  • Switch off the device and enter into recovery mode by pressing down the Power + Bixby (home) + Volume down buttons at once.

  • Press the Volume Up button when you get a warning message

  • On “Recovery Mode”, tap on wipe >>> advance wipe >>> select cache data.

  • Return to the “Recovery Mode” main menu (Home) and tap on Install >> select SuperSu.Zip.

  • After the installation, reboot your mobile.

  • You will see the SuperSu app icon on your app drawer.

Download links

This app works on all Android devices, but, the device must be rooted in the full functionality of the app.

Here are the .zip files of this app.

Note: you cannot install these versions directly on a mobile device. First, you have to download them on a computer, extracts the files, then, flash it to the desired device. Below are the unique download links to all the zip versions of this app.

SuperSU zip Root Files

SuperSU apk Root  files

Of course, you will a lot of apps on the Google Play store with the name – SuperSU, trust me, over 80% of those apps are fake. Here, we will provide you with the various links to download any of the SuperSu apk versions you like.

How to root a Samsung device using the ODIN method and Install this

  • Get the latest version of the Odin flashing app – ODIN Download.

  • Also, download the unique Unikernel

  • Extract the Odin files on your PC

  • Copy the Unikernel files in your PC.

  • Now, switch off the mobile device and boot into Download mode by pressing down the Volume Down + Home + Power Buttons at the same time.

  • Press the Volume Up button when you receive the warning message to continue. Don’t worry; the warning doesn’t matter.

  • Connect the mobile device in question to the prospective computer via a GOOD USB Cable.

  • Launch the Odin application on PC. You should receive a message that shows if your device is successfully connected. However, if you do not see/receive such signal, then, repeat the steps above again

  • If you received the message that your device is successfully connected, then, continue with the steps below. The word shows “ADDED!” on the first command line.

Odin app steps

  • Select the PDA or AP Button then “browse/search” for the Unikernel file, then upload it to the Odin app.

  • Press Start wait for the tasks to complete. It may enter into Recovery mode to add the SuperSu permissions. Reboot again.

  • You will see the SuperSu app icon after rebooting the device.

  • Download root checker to confirm if your device is rightly rooted.

Installing the SuperSU.apk file

Below is how to install this app on your smartphone directly. This process/step does not require a computer. It should be something you already know even;

  • Download your choice version of the SuperSu.apk following any of the links we provided above

  • After download, select and install the app

  • If you prevented from installing this app if you haven’t activated “unknown sources” on your device. So, when you get the “Installation Blocked” message, click on settings and activate “unknown sources.”

  • After activating the unknown sources option, the app can be installed

  • Launch it and grant it access {allows all permissions requested by the app}

What more?

It is a comprehensive review of the different types and versions of the SuperSu app. Since this app is must on a rooted Samsung device (most especially), we believe sharing an article like this will be of great, really great help to some specified class of individuals out there.

Hey If you want any help or want to share thoughts comment below.

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    • If you can’t boot into OS, Flash the Stock Firmware using ODIN. You should flash the Correct version of SuperSu. You can also flash Magisk. What is your mobile model number?

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