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KingRoot is considered the #1 smartphone systemless rooting app. Yeah, there are many other good ones out there, but this is the best as recommended by top professionals. So, we will make available the download links to all the full versions of this resourceful app. Almost every advanced Android smartphone owner tends to root their device to get unlimited access to perform any form of customization. Hence, this post becomes beneficial for this cause. When you can’t access a PC, you can Try the King Root app to root your mobile. It can root not all mobiles through the app method. But, You can try it. For Some mobiles, it can support up to Android 10. Here we listed King Root app All Versions for download. Based on your need and mobile version, You can choose the appropriate one.Moving King in Chess

Quite a bunch of people think that rooting a device will only allow you to uninstall or delete the custom apps installed by the OEM; well, asides from removing the bloatware apps that occupy a chunk of reasonable space on your device, there are other things you’ll gain as a result of rooting your smartphone. If you wish to install a custom firmware/ROM, root access is needed. Also, for some specific applications to run on your Android device, root access is required equally. Thus, the need to root your Android smartphone is somewhat a high-priority action.

King Root Android App for Systemless Rooting

The KingRoot Application (APK) is a lightweight tool with the ability to allow you to root your Android Device irrespective of its OS version ranging from V2.2 to Android 6.1 or later in just one click.

With this app, you can root any Android mobile without using a Computer; rooting just got more comfortable with the help of this app. Nevertheless, this app is available in .exe for PC users; this is a cross-platform application. It can also root your Android device using the device itself or by connecting it to your PC. If this app Doesn’t work for you, try other apps without the PC Method.


Rooting a device can be a risky action, and the warranty support on that device becomes voided when you root it. Hence, it would help if you took note of the precautions of rooting a device before utilizing this app.

Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo
Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo

However, you may engage an expert mobile technician to do this for you if you do not trust your capabilities.

In today’s article, we will present the full versions of this app according to their respective dates/time of release.

But, let’s take a look at the great features of this app and why it is tagged the best rooting app for Android.

Features of the KingRoot app

One Tap Root

It is one of the reasons to choose this app for rooting smartphones. The app allows you to root any Android smartphone in just one tap/click; it is currently the fastest One-Click root Application. Even you can embed an Android device running on Android V9.0 (pie) with a single click only.

Purify App

Immediately after rooting your device and the device reboots, you’ll find a new app called the “purify app”; this app is automatically added to your device by KingRoot. It is the app you will use to uninstall and delete all the pre-installed and annoying apps on your device after root. In other words, the Purify app grants you root access to the smartphone you just rooted using KingRoot.

Also, this app allows you to perform other actions such as blocking autostart apps, clearing cache data, saving battery, etc.

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Internet Connection

Errm, you need to have an active internet connection to root a device using the app; it utilizes the internet to root any android mobile. It is due to the app will have to search for the available root strategy for your device to root it successfully.

Supporting Versions

  • All Android Mobiles.

Things to note before rooting a device with this app

  • The mobile device must have a battery percentage that is above 50% (a fully charged battery is best for this)

  • Initiate a full device backup before the rooting process

  • It is not a flash file (e.g., Odin); Download from any of the links below and install it on the device.

You may receive a warning message when trying to install this application on the android device, but click/tap on OK to continue the installation. It is a safe app.

King Root Warning Alert

KingRoot app All Version Download links

If you can’t extract the files, use Google File Manager to extract Rar files.

How to root an android device using the King Root app?

King Root App Screenshot

The steps below are how you could root any Android smartphone using this fantastic app.

  • Copy the app files to the mobile device

  • Enable USB Debugging Mode; (first time) go to settings >>> about >>> Tap on the “Build Number” 7-10 times consistently to enable “Developer Options,” then go to the “Developer Options” and enable USB Debugging Mode

  • Install any KingRoot version from the links above

  • Click OK to continue when you get the warning message during installation

  • After installation, launch your app and tap the root button

  • In a few minutes, your device will restart (the root completed)

Replacing the King User

  • Select the “Begin” button after installation to replace the King User with Super User

How to uninstall bloatware apps/pre-installed apps

It must root your device to achieve this. Follow our link to install the Root Cleaner app / (AFH Mirror). After the installation, select “Uninstall” to eliminate all the unwanted apps on your device.

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Note: Be sure of the app you are uninstalling because it will affect your mobile device if you uninstall a sound system or OS app.

Furthermore, you can quickly move all the apps installed on your Phone storage to an external SD card with this app. However, this depends on your system permissions.

If you want any other versions that are not in this article, Mention them in the comments, We will try our best to Bring that version.

Wrap Up

Systemless Rooting methods are slowly becoming legacy. But still, apps like King Root try their best to provide better support for the latest mobiles. But you can’t Root all mobiles using this app method, and you need additional Advanced Root methods for mobiles like Samsung. It is always a wise idea to use the PC method. You can try this method when you can’t access a PC or know your mobile is not heavily customized with security features. After root, Replace King User with SuperSu or other popular Root Managers. When you install Magisk, You can use lots of Additional modules. When you face any issues during the process, Comment below.

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