How much RAM Your Android Devices Need?

The more RAM capacity your smartphone has, the faster it functions. It is the RAM of a device that determines if the device is best for high-quality gaming or other actions. You have to be mindful of a device RAM before purchasing it. There are lots of information contained on the smartphone’s specs sheet. However, this information is one of the main things to check out for. But also remember it is only not decided the best Smartphone.CPU Internal Parts

In today’s article, we will explain everything you need to know about RAMs and how they should influence your choice for a smartphone. Quickly, before we go on, a typical mobile gamer requires a device with not less than 4GB while an average Android smartphone user can make do with a 2GB.

What is RAM?

You already know this term. But you may not know what is this in brief. RAM stands for Random Access Memory. It is a type of memory chip that only stores certain information over a specific time. That is, RAM does not act like typical storage (such as SD cards); instead, it can only store temporal information which will be deleted once a smartphone is powered off. A device operating system loads from the RAM, so also, when apps are launched in a smartphone, they occupy some bits of the random access memory, including background apps. That is to say, the more apps you open on a smartphone, the more RAM you’re consuming, and when your RAM is used up, the device will start to slag (function very slowly). Nevertheless, certain apps can eat up your RAM even when other apps are not opened; such apps include 3D video games and some additional hefty memory consuming apps.

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Nowadays, smartphones tend to become very useful insomuch that one could even run some PC activities on them efficiently. But, for efficient and seamless multitasking on smartphones, your device needs a good RAM capacity. Although no specific rule regulates the amount of RAM your device must come, we are trying to let you know the recommended RAM capacities that are best for running different purposes on Android smartphones.

What is the best RAM capacity for an Android device?

Theoretically, the more RAM your smartphone has, the more apps you can run at the same time on the smartphone. Before now, quite a long time ago (over a decade or so), smartphones are built with less than 1GB, and they function effectively with such a low RAM as at then. This is because users haven’t uncovered the diverse usages of smartphones at that period and as such, only a few apps were installed on smartphones. Even, the games played then aren’t high-graphical games.

But, now, the use/application of smartphones is quite versatile, and so they require more than 1GB to function seamlessly. Therefore, most smartphone brands started coming up with devices featuring 1.5GB, 2GB, 3GB, 4GB up to 8GB of RAM. Plus, there are high-end flagship smartphones with a whopping 16GB. The increase of RAM capacities now paved way that led to the discovery of several other capabilities of smartphones.

RAM Usage in Android Device

If you look into above RAM Usage, you can see in Average of 3 Hours my mobile use only 2.5 GB in 4 GB Capacity. I am using Google Pixel 2 XL, which has optimized Stock Android, so 4 GB is more than enough If I Didn’t use more than 7-10 Apps Simultaneously. Yes If I use more apps, Some apps are automatically going to sleep or hibernate. In my opinion 4-6, GB RAM is more than enough. But if you use Customized Skin Manufacturer devices like Xiaomi, Samsung, 4 GB May not enough.

Understand what RAM you need on a Smartphone

A typical Android user requires a device with at least 2GB. This is because, while 1GB of RAM isn’t bad per se, your device will be very slow when you load up more apps or attempt to stream online media with a 1GB chip. Except you won’t be using the smartphone to run multiple apps, that’s only 1GB would be efficient for your usage. Still, we recommend 2GB Android devices. See Android Go devices has only 1 GB, But the OS is optimized for basic operations.

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At the moment, you’ll hardly see a new smartphone launched with 1GB anymore; the lowest RAM chip you’ll see on a typical smartphone at this time is 2GB. With a 2GB smartphone, you can play quite a lot of premium games seamless; however, it will be to some extent as 2GB is not recommended for premium mobile gaming. But, you’ll have a seamless experience using a 2GB device rather than a 1GB device.

Furthermore, 4GB is excellent! This is what you need on your smartphone. Although a 2GB device is liable to seamless multitasking, 4GB is the best you can have. If you have a smartphone with such a RAM (4GB) capacity, there’s no limit to the number of apps you could run at a time on your device; multitasking on 4GB Android devices is effortless. You can use 4GB smartphones for any typing of gaming; this includes online virtual gaming.

What is the required RAM capacity for gaming on Android

Gaming differs; a typical Android smartphone with 2GB can still play many kinds of games seamlessly. However, certain games consume a lot of memory, and that’s when you have to consider smartphones with more RAM capacity. Play Unknown Battle Grounds (PUBG), and other similar action games will play seamlessly on 4GB RAM smartphones.

If you can make up to own a 6GB device; apparently, there is no game you cannot play on a smartphone with such a monster capacity. Thus, our recommended size for addicted mobile gamers is 6GB or above, if you wish. However, we must let you know this; the more RAM that is available on a device, the lesser the battery runtime. In other words, big RAM consumes more battery; so, your battery is liable to drain faster if your machine comes with a massive RAM.


We recommend 3GB or 4GB RAM for typical smartphone users; this will help them get the best mobile experience, and their device battery won’t drain unnecessarily. On the other hand, if you’re a mobile gamer, we recommend you for 6GB RAM devices or at least 4GB. If the device battery isn’t healthy, 6GB RAM will drain the power faster; thus, you may need a power-bank or any other alternative power source always to keep your device powered on. Also If you download third-party apps they may not optimize as Play Store apps, So care when using apps from other sites. Google planning Stadia Gaming, So, If it becomes popular, you know, You can easily survive with 4 GB Capacity.

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There are also devices with 8GB RAM chips and even 16GB RAM; Don’t fall for that much RAM, you are paying for what you won’t use until the phone dies. Yes, we don’t see the need as of now.

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