How to Manually Install Firmware in Samsung Galaxy Devices?

So, you have searched and searched just to read up a content that will show you how to flash firmware update on your Samsung Galaxy? Here is precisely what you’re searching for; an intuitive, comprehensive, simplified article that deals with the steps/process involved in flashing an updated firmware to any Samsung Galaxy.

You know, most people see this as a hectic action to do, well; it is hectic indeed if you have never done it before. But, this article from us will simply explain the due processes. Well, what else could you expect from a tech of advanced/expert Android users?

Repair man with spanor

What is a firmware update

This refers to the process of upgrading/flashing the default firmware on your Android device. For example, you install marshmallow update firmware; installing this to your mobile will upgrade its Android version from lollipop 5.0.1 to Marshmallow 6.0.1.

It is great to upgrade your OS version to the latest version so that you’ll enjoy quite a lot of customization features. In some situations, you can also unbrick your mobile when flashing the firmware.

Before running this firmware update, ensure you check out the below information;

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
  • Check your device mobile no.

  • Please ensure your battery percentage is above 50 (if possible, wait until the device is fully charged)

  • Backup everything you currently saved on the smartphone.

  • This update is for Samsung Galaxy models only; *don’t try to use this update on other Manufacturer models.

  • Don’t try with locked bootloader devices like Verizon, T-Mobile, US Cellular carriers, You have to deal with a specific process that you can find in
  • Before proceeding this, if you want to update automatically to a newer version, try settings>>About>>Software Update.
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Getting started…

  • Also, download the Odin desktop computer software – Odin Download

  • Download the unique firmware for your Samsung Galaxy from a verified source. Here I suggest two sites that provide firmware without download limits and infinite redirects.

  • Updato / Android File Host / Android Infotech Host (Our Profile, We frequently added some firmware, which is rare to find in other servers)

updato site front page

After downloading these tools/apps we have listed above as the needed gears to flash a firmware update successfully, you can now go ahead with our tutorial below.

Note: again, ensure you downloaded all the tool/apps mentioned above. They are what you need for this action to be successful and effective.

Below are the intuitive, straight-to-the-point clues on how to install Samsung Galaxy firmware.

  • Install the Samsung USB Driver on your PC

  • Extract the Odin Files and install it on your PC

  • Copy the Firmware files to your PC

  • Now, switch off the device.

Odin Mode Samsung

  • Switch to Samsung “download” mode by holding down the following buttons at the same time >>> Volume Down + Home + Power Button, If you have Bixby key >>>Volume Down + Bixby + Power Button

  • When you’re in the “Download” mode, you’ll receive a warning message. However, neglect the message and press the “volume up” button to continue.

  • Connect the device mobile to the PC via USB cable

Odin App

  • Launch the Odin application on PC. You should receive a message that shows if your device is successfully connected. However, if you do not see/receive such a message, then, repeat the steps above again

Odin app steps


  • If you received the message that your device is successfully connected, then, continue with the steps below. The message shows “ADDED!” on the first command line.

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ODIN configure

  • Select the PDA or AP Button then “browse/search” for the Firmware file. When you see it, select and tick the Auto Reboot checkbox; (the auto reboot option is available on the “options” module.

  • Now, click the Start button and wait for the task(s) to complete. It may enter into Recovery mode to add the SuperSu permissions after which you should Reboot again.

How to check out for the current firmware

  • You can Check the Firmware Details here ->Settings -> About -> Version

What more?

This update is most relevant for advanced Android users as it allows them to gain absolute control over all aspects of their device. Running a firmware update can be more technical than it seems. Hence, you may have to engage an expert to help you out.

Most importantly, you must have an Uninterrupted Power supply PC/ Laptop before you can install a ROM or firmware to any device.

Hey, If you can’t find your firmware, Comment below, We will try our best to provide the firmware in our Host…:)

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8 thoughts on “How to Manually Install Firmware in Samsung Galaxy Devices?

  1. Добрый вечер. Прошивка версии 5.0.1 с кодом региона SPR или XAS, для samsung S4 SPH-L720 возможно русифицировать? Спасибо за ранее.

    • Это версия Sprint; вам нужна SIM-карта Sprint, чтобы разблокировать мобильный. Или вы можете обратиться в любую службу разблокировки. Без разблокировки прошивка может не работать.

  2. Hi, I am Enamul Karim from Bangladesh.
    I use Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) 4/64GB. My device is two years old since I’ve bought it. I was having issues with my device back then. The display comes off scrambling like when a graphics card dies in Computer. I took screenshots when the display issue occurs; then, the thing is I saw it comes even in screenshots. I flashed firmware. But After Flashing my device, I noticed that my Lockscreen Stories no longer works, and My Galaxy App determines my mobile as an unauthorized device.
    I’m in search of an engineer like you.

  3. I m using Samsung galaxy a30 sm-a305g in USA android 9 pie… Can I flash a new android 10 version, which is for sm-a305f India? After that, can I face any network problem for use 4g and use for calling?

    • What you are asking is experimental. We can flash different region within the model number. But, When we flash the different model numbers, it may not work. But both “F” and “G” have the same processors. The flashing may work. But, Backup everything before the flash.

  4. Hi I got a Samsung galaxy s sm-t805W version 5.0.2 My question is can I upgrade it to marshmallow 6.0.1
    If yes can you please provide me a link to where I can get the
    downloads for it.

    • There is no official Marshmallow version is available for your tablet. You are using Tab; There is no need to use Custom ROMs and Root Until you have a purpose.

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