Know Your Android Mobile Manufacturing Country And Manufacturing Date

It is your curiosity will make you begin to search for a specific country that manufactured your mobile phone. Well, it is good to know about certain things, not because they are so important, but because they are worth remembering. So, if you’re looking for a way to know the exact country where your mobile device made, we’ve got the solution right here. You can’t see the country that made your device from the settings menu. You can only look at your device firmware version on the settings menu. In other to know the state which created the Android smartphone you are using right now, you need to use some unique codes.Table Calendar

Android test codes are what you can use to check out this query. These test codes are very much useful to every Android smartphone user for checking different kinds of useful information about your mobile device. The codes will play a great role when you’re trying to buy a new/used device from someone; when you press the codes we will show you on this article, you’ll be able to see if the device is worthy of your money. There is no app that does this for you (check out for the actual manufacturing date of a device); if not these codes, then, there is no other way for this action. Other features of a smartphone can be tested manually/physical to see their efficacy, but, as for the manufacturing country and date, you must use these unique codes to find out.

Note– There are some apps available in Play store with 40-60% success rate when we try to Depend on the Manufacturer. If you are facing Trouble with the following steps, Just try the apps. Some apps, Gives access to the root files, Don’t go deeper, It may brick your device.

Steps to Find Manufacturing Country and Date

The manufacturing country of your device is hidden into the IMEI number of the device. What is the IMEI number? It is the acronym for International Mobile Equipment Identity; typically, it is up to 15 or 17 number max. This code is 100% unique; this means that two devices can never have the same IMEI code even if they are the same model from the same manufacturer.

However, IMEI numbers are tagged with one particular purpose; this is to identify/track mobile devices. Another significant object of the IMEI code is to help prevent theft. So, you can block your mobile device if it gets lost or stolen using the IMEI. Hence, this code is essential, and it is necessary you know your smartphone IMEI.

Once you know your IMEI code, you will know the manufacturing country of your Android device; here is the trick to find it.

How to see your IMEI/serial number?

  • Launch your phone dialer and dial *#06# –This code will run and display your IMEI number

  • As said earlier, this number consists of about 15 – 17 numbers in which the manufacturing country of your device is represented by two of the numbers in these 15 – 17 serial numbers.

Here is an example of a typical IMEI code; 389399012355678

Did you notice anything in the code above? Two numbers have different colors, right?

Well, your IMEI number will not show any of its number with a different color, we are just trying to point out something, and that’s why we used two colors. The truth is that those two colored numbers are the country code; that is, 01 is the code that represents where the device with this IMEI number is manufactured.

Typically, the 7th and 8th digits are the country code that indicated where your device made.

So, in the IMEI code above, it means our chosen smartphone made in Finland, Because Finland as a country is represented by 01 or 10 in any IMEI number.

Knowing the various manufacturing country codes in an IMEI number

  • If the 7th and 8th digits are 00, it means that the device made in its original factory. In other words, you’re using the best quality model of your device.

  • 01 or 10 indicates the device is manufactured in a Finland OEM factory. Such devices are also high-quality models.

  • When the code is 13, then, it means your device is from an Azerbaijan factory and such devices are not usually the best quality models.

  • If the Code is 02 or 20, your Android smartphone came from any of the OEM companies operating in the Emirates. This is not really among the best quality models.

  • 03 or 30 stands for China factory. So, it the 7the & 8th digits in your IMEI code shows 03 or 30; it is from a China factory. However, this is still a high-quality device.

  • When the Code is 04 or 40, it also means your device made in a China factory.

  • If you saw 05 or 50 as the middle digits, it indicates that your device is manufactured in the United States or Finland. Such devices are also among the best in class regarding quality and reliability

  • 06 or 60 represents any of the following countries – China, Hong Kong, and Mexico

  • 08 or 80 represents a Germany factory. They are equally good quality devices.

These are the standard codes you’ll see in the 7th and 8th positions in your IMEI number. As explained above, they stand for various countries. So, you can now know the state from where your device made.

Next, let’s see how to check the manufacturing date of your device. It sounds funny. Like you are going to know which day, month, and year your device was made; maybe you should be hosting birthday parties for the device every year, lol.

Know your device Manufacturing Date

  • Dial *#197328640#* or *#*#197328640#*#* in your dial pad

Know Country Code Screenshot

Know Country Code Screenshot 2

  • It will open the Service Menu.

  • Select the Menu Version Info >>> Hard Ware Version >>> Read Cal Date

  • You will now see the actual date when your device was manufactured. Who knows, maybe you’ve been using an ancient device (winks)

What more?

You will find it difficult to memorize the code to view your device manufacturing date. Unlike the IMEI number which can be considered by dialing a simple shortcode *#06#. Hence, the most comfortable code to see your device manufacturing data alone is *#0000#.

As you may expect, when you dial *#0000#, you will only see the manufactured date. But, when you dial either *#197328640#*, or *#*#197328640#*#* you are presented with other useful information.

You Know any other codes Beyond this? Comment below to share with other users.

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127 thoughts on “Know Your Android Mobile Manufacturing Country And Manufacturing Date

  1. My 7th and 8th number of my IMEI is 10 which according to your post could have been made in Finland. But then it is written MADE IN CHINA on the back. What does it mean ??

  2. How can I know my IP address I mean the IP my phone use and the location it shows with out not even on my location…probably if you can give me a code to check

    • It purely depends on your mobile Operator. Most of the mobile operators don’t use Static IP. It will change Dynamically time by time. If you enable GPS, you can get your exact location in Google search.

  3. Sir, I Forgot My Mobile And Police Get That And Asking Manufacturing Date But I Lost My Mobile Paper. Can You Tell Me Manufacturing Date And I Have IMEI Code Of That Mobile?

    • Without Mobile, If you have a mobile box, you can check the date. With the IMEI, you can get your mobile Serial Number, which is printed inside the Back cover, If you have replaceable Battery. If you have Inbuilt Battery, you can’t do this. To get the serial number of your mobile with IMEI, go to the imeipro site and Select your manufacturer. The simple way is to give some hint about the contacts and photos you stored in your mobile. Most of the time, they check this and give back the mobile to you.

  4. *#0000# is working but didn’t show any manufacturing date.
    *#197328640#* and *#*#197328640#*#* not working. I can’t see anything coming.
    I’m using honor view 10.
    *#06# is just showing IMEI 1 and 2, with SN…thats all
    still no manufacture date..can help here.

  5. My Phone is 10 Finland but when I use those codes no one of those work and in box of phone write manufacturated in vietnam why does not work codes what mean this

  6. I have motrola moto z2 force, i want to check the manufacturing date, how can i get this?

    Only *#06# is working other codes is not working.

    • *#06# is used to check IMEI. It will Work in All Manufacturers. What Android version did you have? We are working some updated codes. We will update soon.

  7. Hi dear,
    The 7th and 8th IMEI Number of my phone is 09, but I don’t know why I can’t update Android. Now the Android version of my phone is 8, but I can’t upgrade to Android 9.

    My phone model is s9 plus.

    I tried much time from setting and software update, but it said *the latest update already have been installed.

    If you know any solution that I can update Android of my phone, please share with me.

    Thanks in advance

  8. Hi dear,
    The 7th and 8th IMEI Number of my phone is 09. Model Nokia 7.1 (TA-1097), what is my manufacturing country??????
    How is it’s quality???

  9. I have Lenovo vibe C and my:
    IMEI1 code is 11
    IMEI2 code is 22

    Model: Lenovo A2020a40

    Can you tell me which country is it made

  10. My smartphone no is 09, model no SM-G965U, can you say what the manufacturing country is? The phone says made in Vietnam. Is it correct? Do you think the phone is a good one?

    • It may be manufactured in China Factory. But, It is Original. This model is exclusive to the China region. The S Pen hardware may be a problem. Contact your nearby Service center. You can find the mobile genuineness with the Help of Software. Samsung Already rolled out the Pie Based One UI. It is only exclusive to Samsung phones. Go to Settings? About Phone?One UI version. It should be 1.0,1.5 or 2 (If they rolled out Android 10).

    • Your model is the International variant. Based on the region, the manufacturer may vary. It is an old model; It can be made in Vietnam Plant.

  11. Hi. My phone is galaxy a 51, and my IMEI is 11! Can you tell me which country it is made from? And what about the quality of this phone?

    • Probably from Vietnam. All International versions of A51 are made from there. Other Brazil and LATAM variant manufacturing countries may vary.

  12. Hello. I have a Samsung a50 that says made in Vietnam, and the 7th an 8th numbers of the IMEI are 22. The model is CE0168. Can you tell me please if it is original or not??

  13. Hello, sir, good day. I’m jb from the Philippines. My s8 device SM-G950FD after updating April 2020 via wifi. I notice that my s8 screen has flickering greenish-white all over the screen and getting warm. I tried the hard reset, and it works, but after a few minutes, the flickering appears again. I would like to know the process of manual download using the stock firmware. I have laptop windows 10. I appreciate your contribution to helping others. Keep up and keep safe. Thank you.

    • I hope there is no hardware issue on your mobile. So, I will instruct as per my assumption. First, try with Samsung SmartSwitch and try to repair the firmware. When you can’t do that, Take complete backup and flash the firmware-G950FXXS8DTC1 Region- XTC.

    • If you mention your mobile manufacturers and model number, we can say the country with more accuracy. Other than the guess fall between China and Vietnam.

  14. Model No: SM-G975U
    Serial No: R3K307E8EL
    Samsung S9+
    The 7th and 8th No is 09…
    Please what’s the country of make and I’m also having difficulties in updating my device from 8.0

    • Most of the Samsung US variants are made in Vietnam or Taiwan. You can try with Samsung SmartSwitch. If you have a carrier locked mobile. You need to put the particular SIM for getting an update.

  15. Hi, my phone’s 7th & 8th position number of IMEI number is 0 4, Now how can I understand which country’s manufactured it. I noticed you replied somewhere; it is Chinese. But the box of my phone is showing made in India. After seeing this, I have become confused. Now Can you give me explicit knowledge about it?

    • That’s why I am asking the mobile model number. It depends on the model number also. Some of the Samsung mobiles manufactured under the Made In India scheme comes with 04 value.

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