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We may always face the encryption issues when we plan to use custom recoveries in our mobile. This is the place where no-verity-opt-encrypt helps us out. It is used to deal with most of the corruption issues that restrict us to access the mobile internal storage. Being very confused about the no-verity-opt-encrypt is normal. It is a very high technical name which most people cannot get an explanation. Well, let’s try to understand what dm-verity is all about before proceeding to list all its versions.

Security standing for checking

What is Dm-verity?

You see, because everyone now wants to get SuperUser access to their mobile devices through rooting, OEMs have upgraded their way/technologies of securing their devices. Now, a lot of Android ROMs have become severely secured by the primary OEM; being packed with cutting-edge security mechanisms to restrict any further alteration to the device system.

Device Mapper Variety (Dm-verity) is one of the security mechanisms integrated into mobile devices by their manufacturers to minimize the high rate of persistent rootkits so that a device cannot be further compromised. Also, most recent Android devices, especially with the latest OS versions, do not tend to run their booting process via the optional dm-verity kernel.

It is now unfortunate for advanced Android users to do some specific things on an Android device due to this security update. Because of this, an Android device may not boot properly after flashing the TWRP recover files. Dm-verity is a big challenge for every advanced Android user. However, it can still be dealt with.

While we are not focusing on how to handle Dm-verity in this article today, we are just going list the download links to no variety-opt-encrypt which is related to Dm-verity, and it is relevant you get a suitable version for flashing an Android firmware, rooting a device, or installing custom ROM on newer Android devices.


no-verity-opt-encrypt is a package to encrypt the boot data of an Android device. When trying to perform root or flash different ROM other than official ROM, this file is required. The no-verity-opt-encrypt used by most of the major smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony, LG, OnePlus to secure boot issues.

So, here we provide the whole download links to the different versions of no-verity-opt-encrypt. These versions apply to various smartphone models. 

Supported Smartphones Models

  • Samsung

  • LG

  • OnePlus

  • Sony and some other devices

Knowing more about no-verity-opt-encrypt

Before now, when you want to flash TWRP on a smartphone protected with the dm-verity feature, you’ll have to first tweak the initial ROM of the device by modifying it in other to disable the dm-verity inside its kernel. For the novice or new Android users, this is a daunting task; you’ll be afraid of damaging your smartphone beyond repair. Well, it should be a grueling task for inexperienced users anyway. Nevertheless, we are providing links for downloading a patch-like package that allows you to disable dm-verity and force encryption on supported smartphones. You’ll have to download the packages from our links below and use TWRP to flash it to a smartphone via PC.

Also, before we move on, there are things to take note of; as usual

  • Check out for your device model no.

  • Please ensure your battery percentage is above 50 (if possible, wait until the device is fully charged)

  • Backup everything you currently saved on the smartphone

  • This update is for the various supported models listed above

  • You will need to have a custom recovery like TWRP.

  • This is a flash file, so you will be using TWRP to flash it.

Download Links

Here are the unique links to download the several available versions of no-verity-opt-encrypt. Now, you can easily run advanced actions such as rooting, firmware installation, custom ROM, etc. on supported smartphones with much ease.

  • no-verity-opt-encrypt Latest

How to flash no-verity-opt-encrypt Using TWRP

If you have downloaded any of the versions above, follow the steps below to flash it on an Android smartphone.

  • Switch off you’re the mobile device and enter into Download mode. Switch to Samsung “download” mode by holding down the following buttons at the same time >>> Volume Down + Home + Power Button

  • After entering into Download Mode, you’ll get a warning message. However, press the Volume Up button to continue.

  • Automatically, the device will boot in TWRP Recovery Mode; tap on Wipe >>> Advance Wipe >>> Select Cache Data

  • Go back to the main menu (Home) in TWRP recovery mode and tap again on “Install.”

  • Select the no verify opt select ‘’

  • After the installation reboot the mobile phone

  • Done!

  • Download Root Checker to Check your Device to check root access is Enabled or not.

Side effects

At this time, there is no report of mishap associated with this file. However, it is very much advisable to engage an advanced user to do this. With this file on a device, you will now bypass the DM-verity feature new Android device models and go on with rooting the device or performing any other advanced action.

What more?

This article is meant to help out everyone in the look for how to overcome the new encryption feature embedded in most recent smartphone models. This new encryption feature prevents a lot of action to be carried out on the device they are installed on. So, the only way to root smartphones with the DM-verity security feature is by installing no-verity-opt-encrypt.

It is one of the first things to do before attempting to root most of the new Android devices. As you already know, rooting requires carefulness as it may lead to the irreparable damage of a smartphone. Hence, if the device to be rooted has a DM-verity feature, try to flash this file into the device first before attempting root.

Also, this applies to flash the firmware or custom ROMs. Any action that must be done on a smartphone with DM-verity protection must require the presence of this file to go through. In this article, there are links to several versions of no-verity-opt-encrypt; therefore, chose any version of your choice and download, then, flash to the device.

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116 thoughts on “Download no-verity-opt-encrypt All Versions

  1. Thanks for sharing your Android knowledge with us, Selva.
    I suspect that the “verity” part of the name of this package is a mis-spelling of “verify”. Sometimes it’s written “variety”, but neither “verity” or “variety” convey any relevant meaning, while “verify” would.

  2. Oi meu amigo, obrigado pela postagem!
    Eu tenho o galaxy note 9 SM-N9600 snapdragon, fiz todo o processo de instalação do TWRP e apliquei o root mas na hora de iniciar o telefone, me vem a seguinte mensagem: set warranty bit : kernel. Eu posso resolver esse problema com o no-verity-opt-encrypt??

  3. Hey,

    maybe you can help me 🙂 i cant flash it…all time give me: “Update procces ended with ERROR:1
    Error installing zip file ‘/usbotg/”

  4. Now, these ROMs are a great choice. When Pixel Experience and Lineage ROM available, Try that too. You can feel a bug-free experience.

  5. Please delete my multiple postings, I forgot the time difference between Europe and India.

    If Pixel Experience and Lineage ROM are available I will test them for sure.
    At Pixel Experience I had problems with fingerprint and face-unlock (redmi note 5).
    I like the variety of possibilities at MIUI.

    • Deleted Same Comment.
      If Pixel Experience is a Problem, you can try Lineage. You will get Regular patch and Major updates. It depends on multiple developers. So, it is Stable.

  6. Hello

    Alguien knows why it does not work for me.

    when installing no-verity-opt-encrypt-6

    My s9 g9600 enters boot logo. it goes off again and again logo s9 and so repeatedly

  7. I was experimenting (to learn) on my Realme 2 pro. I wiped everything(cache, system, internal storage, etc.) on my phone. I have access to TWRP, SD Card. I get the following error-
    mount: failed to mount /dev/block/boot device/by-name/system at /system: no such file or directory
    unmount of /system failed; no such volume
    Please help! I am not able to flash custom ROM also from TWRP.
    Any suggestions!??

  8. please help me I unlocked the bootloader on my sony XZ1 and I have installed twrp but I have not installed any custom rom which version should I install for flashing dm-verity for my Sony XZ1 and since I unlocked bootloader my device is freezing sometimes is there a way to relock bootloader or I should flash no verity, please help.

    • You can flash the latest version. To configure further, You can flash-kernel. There are a lot of versions available for your device.

  9. Hi, I followed all the steps, but when I tried to install verity-opt- encrypt, I always got an ERROR:1 I put the zip in the root, tried even on SD Card and on /tmp
    It doesn’t work..can you help, please? I have Moto G6 with Pie 9 stock rom.

      • Hi,
        I also tried and got error 1, placed the latest version in my root, cleared cache before, didn’t work.
        I’m with oneplus3t, os 9.06 stock.
        I managed to uninstall twrp and supersu, but still, I get no root with root checker, tried to install magisk, and got error 1 too.

    • It works with most of the rooted mobiles. It will deal with encryption errors. But, If you have Android 10, Currently there is no TWRP available. If you use the Magisk method, You can’t install this file.

  10. Amigo buenas noches mira yo quiero instalar el twrp y root en mi samsung galaxy j6 plus modelo sm-J610g y no he podido y lo intenté antier por 1ra vez mirando un video de youtube y lo intenté instalando el twrp el magiks y otro archivo que se llama RMM y al instarlo le dí reiniciar en el sistema y entré a configurar el dispositivo y parecia todo bien y se me dió por ensayar apagandolo y entrando al modo recovery y no me quiso entrar al recovery sino mas bien el telefono se me apagaba y reuniciaba en el mismo lugar y despues quise reinstalarle el twrp nuevamentemente y forzando entrar en modo download me aparecio las letras en rojo y con un aviso de custom binary blocked by frp y unsigno de ! Hacia abajo con el mensaje de security error : This phone has been flashed with unauthorized software & is locked. Call your mobile operator for additional support. Please note bueno y algo mas y ahora mirando tu pagina que hablas de un no-verity-opt-encrypt te pregunto como hago para saber si mi celular trae este verity y me ayudes a instalar el twrp y root

  11. Good day. My child was playing with my Samsung A7, and now I have a black screen: “your phone is encrypted” and ask for a pin. All my job is inside my phone, and I cant to wipe the data partition! I need help! I need all my contacts and notes inside my phone.

    • What is your exact model number? If you enabled the fingerprint sensor the PJN is your backup PIN code. It can be Four Numbers.

    • Why you need no-verity, If you didn’t have root access on your mobile? If you tell your purpose, I can suggest some alternatives.

  12. Hi, I have issues with a Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus, the process gets stuck at “Checking for Digest file.”
    Any advice?
    Best regards

  13. Hi, I need to flash my OP5t from stock to custom rom. Do you have any suggestions?
    also, do I need no-verity-opt-encrypt for installing custom rom in op5t

    • If you have TWRP and want to flash the Custom ROMs, you don’t need encryption. When you want to use Stock ROM, you have to flash it.

      • I also suggest you create a tutorial for the root is all needed for the realme x2 pro phone on the xda site, I will be delighted
        I count on you as well as other people looking for someone to keep this gorgeous realme x2 pro, or there’s not much topic on it on the development site xda

        I’m waiting for your answer. Thanks in advance

        • Before posting anything, we will cross-check with a lot of verified methods. We don’t post unless we have definite working proof or tested by ourselves. When we post it on the forum, we are limited by the step by step guide. If you compare any blog with the forum steps, it may look confusing. We want to make the process simple for users. Thank you for noticing and advise us…:)

    • It is a general file to deal with encryption issues. When you root, you can install the file using Custom recovery.

  14. previously I have rooted my j6 Andriod 9, but I have upgraded to android 10 manually by flashing the firmware with Odin I want to it again, but now I can’t flash no verity encrypt in twrp… says updater process ended with an error: 1

  15. I am using ip11 an Android-like iPhone 11. But Android, so I wanted to install Lineage os 17 but failed. Please help.

  16. plz help, I can’t flash it…all-time give me: “Updater process ended with ERROR:1
    Error installing zip file ‘/sdcard/”
    I also placed the latest version in my root, cleared cache before, didn’t work.
    I’m with oneplus3t, os 9.06 stock with rooting.
    PS: I didn’t follow the root steps correctly be4.
    Plz, help.

  17. मुझे मेरे मोटो ई4 प्लस मॉडल xt1770 रूट करना चाहता हूँ अनलॉक कर लिया है लेकिन कमांड adb डिवाइस शो करने के बाद adb रिबूट बूट लोडर के बाद फ़ास्ट बूट ओईएम अनलॉक वेटिंग होजाता है मुझे क्या करना चाहिए एंड मुझे कौनसा verईty use करना चाहिए और twrp ? प्लीज reply me थैंक्स

    • अनलॉक, और TWRP फ्लैश अलग-अलग कार्य हैं। अनलॉक करने के बाद, TWRP फ्लैश चरणों पर आगे बढ़ें।

      • जी धन्यवाद ! वैसे मुझे मेरे Moto E4 Plus xt1770 को Root करने के लिये TWRP की दरकार है? कृप्या बताइये ?

        • जब आप कस्टम रोम स्थापित करना चाहते हैं तो TWRP विधियाँ उपयोगी हैं। आप मैजिक विधि के साथ भी कोशिश कर सकते हैं। अगर आप केवल रूट एप्स का उपयोग करना चाहते हैं।

  18. Sir, I have a Samsung m30s android 10 version. Where I found disable dm-verity force encrypt 3.4.2020 ? or you give me a link please which file I use in twrp?.

  19. Hai, saya ingin memasang TWRP di Samsung Galaxy A70, apa saya memerlukan ini ???, jika perlu File mana yang harus saya ambil?. Terimakasih.

  20. Hey man, it’s nice to see you engaging with others’ comments and helping everyone. Would you mind telling me what I’m doing wrong, please?
    I have Samsung A5 (2017) and trying to flash the Ressurection ROM. I flash the latest, original firmware, everything is fine.
    Flashed TWRP, everything is okay. But as soon as I flash any custom ROM, including Revolution / StockMini / A5 Elite / Alphabet, I get boot loops, or it doesn’t even let me flash these.
    The last thing was I got was ‘Encryption unsuccessful’ blue screen, so I ended up flashing the firmware again.

    • Before flashing any Custom ROM wipe entire System OS, User data and cache. Custom OS doesn’t need encryption files. Don’t flash this file after flashing custom ROMs.

  21. Ok, I’m want to install TWRP And Havoc OS On my s6 edge plus.

    Will this file disable DM-VERTIY without manual editing of the kernel?

    • When you install custom ROM, you don’t need no-verity. Can you mention the exact reason for this file?

  22. Welcome,
    My name is Paul Filimom, and I am from Drobet Tr.Severin // Romania.
    Thank you very much, it used my Root in good condition of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge SM-G935F phone.
    Good luck in the future!

  23. Olá meu amigo, aqui usando uma custom rom CRdroid não consigo fazer backups e nem nada ele não faz o que faço tenho aplicado o 6.1 no Android 10 ok,

  24. Hi Selva. Can you help me? I want to root my Xiaomi MI A2 Lite (android 10). I tried everything for days, and finally, I managed to install twrp and Magisk at least. After that, when I do flash with magisk, my next step is to Reboot System, right? The problem is when I go to Swipe to reboot the system, my phone, like most around here, starts a constant loop. So I came here to try your help with the verity file (tested last version 6v.1), and I believe I did all the steps. The loop never stops. What should I do? What appears on my screen before and after the Rebboting system: “your device software can’t be checked for corruption. Please lock the bootloader”. Then it says AndroidOne (unlocked)and warning again.

  25. Nice job bro …
    Keep it up
    Well, I have a Samsung galaxy j7 prime.
    And I flash a genuine twrp file on my phone using Odin, but when I tried to boot back to my system, it stuck in a boot loop, but I still managed to get to twrp.
    Please guide me; what should I do ???

    • It will simply decrypt the data. But based on your root method, you may or may not lose data. It is better to backup first.

  26. Thank you very much and excellent, but one question. What ROM do you recommend where all the sensors and the pen work correctly without problems?.

  27. Hello Dear Brother, when is bought my Realme 3 RMX1821, it has RMX1821_11_EX_A.18 Android 9 version and after monthly updates of 1.5 years, I am on RMX1821_11_EX_C.17 version which is Android 10 base now, I want to go back to A.18 version which is possible, and I can revert, but my question is is this “” file needed to flash I am flashing Stock ROM and downgrading my phone my Android 10 to 9. I have to install Custom recovery “OrangeFox” but never rooted my device.

    • When you have custom recovery, It means you have a rooted mobile. Flash the no-verity after firmware flash to avoid boot and encryption issues.

  28. I have a poco m2pro (gram) with bootloader unlocked. I have tried no-verity-opt-encrypt 5,5.1,6,6.1, Universal DM-Verity, ForceEncrypt, and Disk Quota Disabler [11/2/2020], but nothing removes encryption. Pitch Black Recovery 3 works fine but
    1) Cannot flash any custom ROMs due to error 1 followed by failed to mount/system_root error
    2) Settings always shows the phone is encrypted irrespective of whatever file I flash if it successfully boots after the process

    Please help. I am stuck on stock MIUI 12 but cannot remove encryption or flash custom ROMs even after formatting data partition. It always shows error 1, followed by failed to mount/system_root error.

  29. Hello… (:)

    You can help me?
    I’ve read many guides, but being new to this hobby, I can’t figure out when you recommend checking your device model before running the no-verity flash.

    The guides indicated the most popular models such as Samsung, LG, etc.

    What I don’t understand when you say, e.g., Samsung is referenced for all Samsung models ?, Did I have to check the exact model?

    I tried to unzip the No – Verity zip by reading the readme but found nothing.

    1) So how do you check the compatibility of the device, and if the example is Samsung is it for all models?

    After restoring a Stock Rom and installing TWRP Recovery, do I need to flash No – Verity before Magisk? I have later? I ask you this because I see that in many guides, they do it later.

    My device, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM N9005.

    Thanks so much (:)

    • You can use the latest version. The motto is same-fix encrypt issues. But When you flash the latest version, Some patches or issues are fixed.

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