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Root Checked is used to check whether you rooted your device correctly or not. Here We included all versions of Root checker APK files. Rooting Android smartphones is an advanced user action, and when it is not done correctly, it causes unrecoverable damage to the smartphone. However, here is an app that allows you to check if your Android device is rooted precisely to avoid losses. The app works intuitively, anyway. But, we will extensively explain how it works in this article.Root Checker Basic Result

What is Root Checker?

It is an app that verifies if your Android device is rooted correctly by checking if the Superuser or su access is rightly configured. The app is handy, and it is available for free. A lot of advanced Android users are already using the app, and they have confessed it works perfectly for the said purpose. Intuitively, this app tells you if the Superuser access you installed on your device works correctly.

Interestingly, the app is compatible with the newer versions of the Android mobile operating system. It means that even if your device runs on Android Oreo or Pie; this app will help you check for the Superuser access installation. As you may know, rooting Android devices running on any newer versions of the OS is entirely though; thus, this app becomes useful for checking if the device was rooted correctly.

Furthermore, with the root access app, you can check out for SU binary which is the commonly used binary system on Android OS for granting and managing root (superuser) access. This app checks if the Su binary is placed at the location it should be on a rooted Android device. Also, the app looks up to verify if the binary is functioning as supposed.

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How does Root Checker work?

It works understandably; you need to download/install the app on your Android device, then, run the process of your choice.


  • Install on your Android device

  • Launch the app and click on the “verify root.”

  • Wait for the process to complete

  • You’ll receive notification if your device is properly rooted or not

How to get the root checker app?

You can install this app from the Google Play store or download from the official website. After downloading/installing the app on your device, you can now follow our guide to check if your device is correctly rooted.

To download this app from the Play store, follow the link we provided below. However, if you wish to download the APK file, you can check out for that on the official website-

Download Links

Install Root Checker from Playstore


This app packs quite a handful of features that are perfect for an app of its importance.

Intuitive interface

Once you launch the app, you’ll be welcomed with an intuitive interface that displays all the features of this app in a way you can easily access them.

Accurate result

Users have proofed that the results from this app are accurate. That means, if the app detects you’re your device is rooted correctly, then, it is rooted.

Share Results

You can share the results from this app with friends.

What More?

We Included some of the essential versions of Root checker app. We Scanned all our apps Before upload in our Blog. Be Aware when you download apps from third party Sites. If you want any versions that are not in our Article, comment below, we will try our best to Bring that version.

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