Soon We can Repeat YouTube Separated Chapters alone on loop

When you notice YouTube UI, You can see huge differences often. From Adding mini-player, Theatre mode, and now they added hovering mode, Which allows you to play the video without selecting it. So, You can judge the video is watchable or not within a few seconds. One of the best features Yotuibe already rollout is the chapters. Instead of searching the comment section for what timing you look for, Chapetrsrs allows Publisher itself to add timings. So, you can quickly jump to the needed section. Now, YouTube is again working on a new feature that will enable you to Repeat YouTube Separated Chapters alone on loop. It will be helpful when you watch DIY or cooking videos, Where you have to learn things repeatedly.
YouTube Chapters Repeat Mode Laptop

YouTube Chapters

The chapter feature was already handy. You can share links with specific chapters and search for particular chapters. In many cases, YouTube can automatically split videos into smaller segments, saving creators time. We’ve known that you can play whole YouTube videos in a loop for a while, but this new functionality will allow you to limit the loop to specific chapters. You might want to loop a scary scene from a movie to make it more fun or repeat a tutorial section to keep your hands free from the actual work.

Repeat YouTube Separated Chapters on Android App

A few new text strings are found in and XDA APK teardown of YouTube build 17.01.36. This suggests that a “chapter repetition” toggle is being considered. Although we don’t know how They will implement it, this option could be present when viewing a video. It would allow you to select chapters that you wish to play again.

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YouTube Chapter Repeat APK Teardown

Although looping YouTube videos has been possible for some time, it is currently impossible to do so with a particular portion of a video. If you watch a tutorial video or DIY video, the ability to loop or repeat a video chapter is helpful. The chapter repeat mode allows users to see a single video chapter on repeat. Users don’t have to pull the slider or loop the entire video.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders


This is as useful as it sounds. However, we don’t have any evidence that this is happening. Developers can decide not to release it or make it only available on specific platforms.

Wrap Up

Even though YouTube has a vast user base, They have to try their best to stay on their platform with new features. When users find better features and UI compared with YouTube, They will slowly move to different platforms. People have already begun to use Different Stream platforms. So, youtube is not the only place they can spend their time. The feature may not be available on all platforms. But, When it is successful among users. They will make it to all available platforms. What did you think of the new YouTube Chapter Repeat option? Share your thoughts below.

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