Automatic Smart Offline Videos Download Coming to YouTube Mobile App

Downloading YouTube Videos is not legal from Google Side. But, They know, Most people can’t always stand the data side. When we can’t access the internet and want to watch videos, We always download the videos and make them offline. Google understands the need for offline mode; thus, they allow users to use offline Youtube videos within the app itself. But we can’t always be prepared for the situation, right?. When we have to stay out of internet areas, We can’t watch videos. Soon Automatic Smart Offline Videos Download Coming to YouTube Mobile App to solve the problem. It means, When your mobile connects with a Wi-Fi connection, It will automatically download the videos for future purposes based on your interest.
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What is YouTube Offline Download?

Offline downloads mean that when the device is not connected to the internet, the document is viewable offline; however, updates to the document will sync once the device is connected. A download is a single file copied to the device just once.

YouTube Offline Downloads Option

YouTube’s offline function is available from 2014. It allows Android and iOS users to save YouTube videos for later viewing. YouTube offline videos are held in the YouTube app data folder on your phone’s internal storage. These videos can be downloaded using either mobile data or a Wi-Fi connection. Any video downloaded can only be played for up to 48 hours offline. It means that videos downloaded in the YouTube app will no longer be available for offline viewing after the 48-hour time limit has passed. You must re-download the video in the app to make it available offline again.

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Unlike Spotify, Netflix, and Amazon’s Prime Video, YouTube does not have a download limit but only mobile apps. In essence, you get unrestricted access to video downloads. However, the quantity of videos you can download depends on your device’s storage capacity.

Automatic Smart YouTube Offline Videos Download

As per reports, YouTube is developing a new Smart Downloads feature that downloads 20 clips every week depending on users’ viewing interests. The software will, of course, utilize Wi-Fi to download the contents. 

Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo
Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo

YouTube is working on a new feature that would allow users to watch videos without an internet connection.YouTube’s new Smart Downloads feature may download videos automatically when Android devices use Wi-Fi. Users will download up to 20 recommended videos every week using the most recent Smart Downloads feature. It is already available as an experimental function for a short period to a few subscribers. When connected to a Wi-Fi connection, YouTube Songs’s Smart Downloads function downloads music automatically based on the user’s previous listening behavior.

How do Smart Downloads work on YouTube?

Premium members can now use the Smart Downloads function on YouTube Music. Users can download their favorite songs and videos to their mobile devices and listen to them offline. When the Smart Downloads feature is turned on, the app will download content on the user’s previous listening behavior while using YouTube. Premium subscribers are generally notified when it becomes available on their Home feed.

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Users can access the offline content under the title Smart Downloads by going to the Downloads page from the Library tab. Users from all over Europe are currently testing the new feature.


  • Users who do not have enough phone storage to download all 20 videos for the week will be notified.
  • The new feature will work with the most recent Android version.
  • To keep the downloads up to date, users should reconnect to the internet at least once every 30 days.
  • Only YouTube Premium subscribers get access to this functionality as an experimental feature.
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Wrap Up

Smart Downloads on YouTube are a great idea. It can use for unexpected leisure or boring times. But, Along with the Smart Downloads, if they provide some custom utilizations like our Favourite channels and interest optimizations, It will be helpful. Currently, The Smart Downloads are available in YouTube Premium. Soon We can expect the public rollout to all YouTube Mobile apps, including Android and iOS. What are your thoughts about YouTube Smart Downloads? Did you think, It would be helpful for us? Share your thoughts below.

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