Stable Android 13 for Google Pixel Mobiles will not come until September 2022

When it comes to the rollout of Android updates, No body can beat Google. Essential and PH-1 try to keep up with speed, but they go out of business. So, Google is the one who always pushes Major OS updates every year during Q4. Or they will release a version with their new mobile. Before releasing Stable versions, Google usually releases three or four Beta versions to its existing eligible Pixel lineups. Google has already rollout Beta versions of Android 13. Since The Beta reached its final versions, All of the users expect Google may release Android 13 soon. But with recent update news, Stable Android 13 for Google Pixel Mobiles will not come until September 2022.
Google Pixel 6 Android 13 Home Screen

Google Android 13 Beta Release

Google launched the initial version of Android 13. It was released relatively early compared to earlier releases of the operating system. This led to many believing that Android 13 would launch publicly for everyone much earlier than the norm. But recent evidence suggests this isn’t the situation. While we wouldn’t be amazed when Google launched Android 13 this month, it appears that the latest version will be released in September.

Android 13 Security Bulletin

Google has released its “Android 13 Security Release Notes” in conjunction with the July 2022 Security Bulletin, implying that the next major version of Android will be available in September. The release notes provide security issues affecting Android devices corrected in Android 13.

Google has identified 107 vulnerabilities in the Android runtime, Framework, Media Framework Package, Framework, Platform (twice included due to an unknown reason), and System. Additionally, the Security patch 2022-9-01 suggests Google’s Android 13.0 may be available in September. It could also indicate the AOSP (Android Open Source Project) launch. This level of security, however, does not specify when the Pixel rollout will begin. In the past, Android 12 was published to AOSP at the beginning of October. However, the Pixel upgrade didn’t start for two weeks.

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Stable Android 13 release in September 2022

Stable Android 13 Google Pixel

The notes state that information is provided until September and the launch of Android 13 on AOSP. Android 13 as it’s launched on AOSP is expected to have a standard security patch of the date 2022-9-01“. That means the current stable version of Android 13 will use the September security patch and be available to users of Pixel 4 series smartphones and many more devices as early as next month. It could take a bit longer following the release through AOSP for Google to release an update for its Pixels.

Wrap Up

When we notice the regular patch updates and releases, All companies which use custom skin UI always make late updates. They may keep up the security patch OTAs. But primary OS needs lots of UI tweaks and optimizations. So, We can expect other companies to roll out Android 11 from November 2022. Companies like Samsung Galaxy still didn’t roll out Android 12 to all the eligible mobiles. Since Android 13 have massive UI changes, a Stable Android 13 rollout delay until September 2022 is not a huge deal for most of us. Did you try out Android 13 Beta versions? Share your experience below.

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