2GB Upload and Estimated Download Time for Media Files coming to WhatsApp

When you have a vast user base, It doesn’t mean, You can survive easily in the tech business. Any company can become your overall rival night. None of the tech giants like Google and Microsoft didn’t expect Zoom will become People’s favorite Video call solution, While they have had platforms for years. Telegram is slowly becoming an equal rival to WhatsApp. To make users stay on the platform, They have to give some features that are available in the Telegram, like Large Media File sharing. Now WhatsApp testing 2GB Upload and Estimated Download Time for Media Files. Since it is a Beta feature, It is not widely available. But we can expect the wide rollout soon.Whatsapp Chatting in Android Mobile

WhatsApp will let users send large Media Files of up to 2GB

WhatsApp is testing and expanding the features available. In the past, WhatsApp informed users that they’d be able to remove content shared within self-destructing conversations on their phones’ picture gallery. It’s not every day that people get the chance to test these beta features since most social media and messaging apps want to ensure that they have all bugs sorted out before a major update goes live to everyone. This is also the case for a beta WhatsApp feature that we’ve just heard about: the ability to share media files up to 2GB.

WhatsApp 2GB File Size Upload

A tiny portion of users could be able to upload files that were as big as 2GB. An update has also been discovered, which could work with sharing files larger.

Estimated Download Time for WhatsApp Media Files

WhatsApp introduces a new feature that lets users know when a file has been completely transferred, reports WABetaInfo. The most recent beta versions of WhatsApp for Web, iOS, and Android will display the time of the file’s arrival to ensure that you know when your file is open to access. Desktop versions of the ETA monitor were made available earlier this month. Android, as well as iOS beta testers, recently got the app. Screenshots uploaded by WABetaInfo reveal a file transfer bubble with circular statuses that fill in as data travels between the sender and the recipient.

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WhatsApp Estimated Download Time

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

While it’s not that big of a leap to conclude there’s a connection between future changes to the size of files shared and the addition of a feature to keep track of the file’s ETA and ETA, we’ll be waiting to see. Many of the top apps test betas feature using a limited number of users to work out bugs or to see whether they can take off in any way. Still, as the ETA is accessible on desktops, it’s just a matter of time before it becomes available on WhatsApp smartphones.


We’re not sure when this feature will roll across to more people. Maybe the part will stay in the background for a long because it’s new. It could be something more valuable than the ability to react to messages using a thumbs-up or heart or a crying face emojis, and, logically, we keep an eye on it to see if the feature becomes available soon.

Wrap Up

Compared with Telegram, WhatsApp doesn’t have much flexibility. But most official Businesses have begun to use WhatsApp as their primary communication with users. Since Telephone Operator related callings have many restrictions, WhatsApp Calling and Messaging have become a new trend among companies. So, Adding 2GB file support in Media and Estimated Downloaded Time are both needed features. Especially, The EDT is helpful when WhatsApp rollout large file zie upload supp[ort. Did you find the large file size upload and download time useful feature? Share your thoughts below.

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