How to Add Battery Widget in Google Pixel Mobiles?

Every Android mobile has lots of widgets. It may be an in-built system level or a third-party widget. The job widget is to fetch a particular date from a mobile or specific app for a glance. If you choose Weather Widget from an App, It will show weather Today only instead of competing for analysis. Some essential details always appear in the status bar, including network, Batter percentage, and Tower names. Since the battery percentage is already showing in the status bar, We may not need a widget for knowing the value. But when you want to know how much time you have left on the battery, you can Add a Battery Widget in Google Pixel Mobiles.
Battery Percentage Widget in Google Pixel 6

Battery Widget in Google Pixel Mobiles

This Pixel battery indicator was first introduced in March at the beginning of March and has since been subject to several changes. In June, the update offered the ability to reduce the size of it to smaller dimensions and to display the available capacity for the battery on Wear OS smartwatches.

Widget for Battery Percentage

Version of Settings Services is responsible for the Pixel’s Battery widget becoming smaller. The old configuration was 2×2, but it could now be as small as 2×1. As we mentioned the other night, there’s a 5×1 dimension that allows you to display three items simultaneously, such as a phone, the left earbud, and the right one. At 4×1, Pixel Buds can be mixed with a single percent.

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Battery Percentage Widget in Google Pixel Mobiles

Another significant aspect that’s changed is that it now has the “Other device” line item, which serves as a count of the connected Bluetooth hardware.

Pixel Battery toolbar. This applies to Fitbit and Wear OS. However, the battery level will not be recorded in Pixel Battery. The count isn’t beneficial, but it’s quicker than a Quick Settings tile. You can bring up the Connected Devices page under Settings by clicking this option.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

Battery Widget with Remaining Time

Google Pixel Battery Percentage WIth Remaining Time

A new version of the battery widget for Pixel has added support for showing a remaining section that shows how long your devices are expected to last. It appears to be appearing on Settings Services, but it might not be available for all users. We’ve been unable to reproduce the changes on the stable Android 13 build version, but it seems to be working in a QPR1 Beta program.


Unfortunately, this can only be used on smartphones and not for connected devices. After you connect a Bluetooth device linked to it, the remaining indicator isn’t visible.

How to Add Battery Widget in Google Pixel Mobiles?

Add Battery Widget Google Pixel Mobiles

  • Hold and press on the screen that is home to your Pixel.
  • Tap Widgets.
  • Scroll down to find Settings Services.
  • Tap Settings Services under Widgets.
  • Hold and press on the Battery widget.
  • Install your Battery widget on the Pixel’s Home Screen.

What are the details you can expect within the Battery Widget?

The widget for the battery will display the name of the phone and its percentage of battery and will also provide similar information for all connecting Bluetooth devices. It is possible to tap the device’s name to open your main Battery menu in Settings or tap on a device connected to access the Bluetooth menu. You’ll see the time when you are using the most recent Android 13 widget for the battery.

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Wrap Up

Even though we have plenty of System level Widgets and third-party widgets, Most of the widgets are always a gimmick and not helpful in real-time; only a few companies like Google provide better widgets for real-time usage. Even though the percentage is applicable, the backup time may vary based on our current tasks and work. So, With the Battery widget and the time remaining in Pixel mobiles, It will be helpful. Did you try the Battery widget in your Google Pixel mobile? Did you find it helpful? Share your thoughts below.

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