Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders Leak shows Similar Design as S22 Series

Even though Samsung release a wide range of mobiles every year, Its Samsung Galaxy “S” series always gets attention. Since it is directly compared with the iPhone series, Samsung tries its best to put better specs on this mobile. Samsung is planning to release the S23 next year. But they have to start the production Soon to deliver the mobile on time. So, plenty of rumors are roaming about its design and specs. But recently leaked Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders suggest the design will be moreover similar to Samsung Galaxy S22 series.
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Prototype

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders Leak

After numerous reports, we finally saw renderings of the look for the top models. They are the Galaxy S23, and Galaxy S23+ was the first to have the design unveiled a couple of days back. Samsung has brought them into the look for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra to create an exclusive design identity. So, S23 Ultra will not be radically different from its previous one. It now comes with the device’s exclusive renders showing only minor design modifications.

Comparison of Samsung Galaxy S23 Render Designs

As per the research, the three main camera circle islands (the raindrop island) will protrude slightly more. Two cameras in the auxiliary camera will be less prominent. In terms of its display screen, it appears to be more streamlined. Samsung is removing the curves somewhat. If you weren’t happy enough with the boxy look that came with Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra, then you’ll be satisfied with that Galaxy S23 Ultra. The latest flagship appears to follow an even more slender “Galaxy Note” identity, with a more square-looking design.

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While the forthcoming trio appears initially, they reflect the maturation of design. The phones are free of parts or unnecessary components surrounding the rear cameras, and unlike the last time in a long time, it doesn’t feel like Samsung’s flagships suffer from an identity problem. The 3 Galaxy S23 variants seemingly follow the same straightforward but efficient design style. Its back side is clear of clutter, and each sensor has its tiny cutout that lets the light through.

Similar Looks like S22

The entire Galaxy S23 series might look much like its predecessor, the Galaxy S22 Ultra; however, that’s an advantage, in my opinion. The S22 Ultra is one of Samsung’s most attractive phones to date; however, I think it’s essential to maintain a consistent design concept and refine it through multiple generations instead of rushing to release each year with a new model.

Specifications Leak

Its Galaxy S23 Ultra dimensions are 163.3 by 78.1 8.8 x 8.8 millimeters. To remind you, the Galaxy S22 Ultra dimensions included 163.3 x 77.9 8.9 x 8.9 millimeters. This means that the new phone is slightly, but not significantly smaller and taller.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

The 3 Galaxy S23 family members will appear very similar. But, the specs differ in a significant way. For many users, the Galaxy S23 Ultra will likely remain the “true flagship” of the series. It has a larger battery and higher-quality cameras. Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Ultra is rumored to come with a 200-megapixel camera. According to reports, it will feature an entirely new sensor called the ISOCELL HP2. It will set Samsung above other brands making 200-megapixel phones that use an ISOCELL HP1 Sensor “older” ISOCELL HP1 Sensor.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra may also charge faster than its predecessor. While the 3C listing confirms that it comes that it has a 25W charge, We believe that it’s only this Chinese version. Like S22 Ultra. S22 Ultra, other variants could have up to 45W rapid charging.

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Wrap Up

Stopping Leaks on mobiles has become unstoppable nowadays. It is good in a lot of ways since it helps mobile promotion. Also, Mobile companies can get feedback from the people before the release. They can’t change anything that physical. But they can adjust software optimizations to maintain the hype and compensate for the flaws. Did the leak of Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders get your attention? Share your thoughts below.

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