Fix Roller Coaster Accidental Crash Detection Calls in iPhone 14

Crash Detection Calls are essential in any mobile and car accessories to inform the situation of respective people. But the Recent iPhone 14 detects the bump or rollercoaster ride to Accidental Crash Detection and Automatically calls the individual numbers. Even though the detection and calls are working great, The sensitivity is high. iPhone should only call the separate numbers only when the actual crash happens. Fortunately, the official fix is coming. When you want to Fix Roller Coaster Accidental Crash Detection Calls in iPhone 14, You can follow the methods mentioned below.iPhone Car Crash Detection Calls Demo

iPhone Car Detection

Apple introduced Crash Detection with its new iPhone 14, Watch Series 8, SE, and Ultra last month, supplying these devices with a motion sensor and a high-g accelerometer trained to detect the force experienced in simulations of car crashes. Suppose the sensors determine that you’ve been involved in an accident and you’re in the middle of an accident. In that case, your iPhone will notify you and contact the emergency service if you do not remove the alert within 20 minutes.

iPhone Car Crash Detection Test in Car

When it makes a call to the police, it’ll send an audio signal which informs authorities that you’ve experienced an accident and provide the rules with your exact address. (An Apple Watch with Crash Detection can notify authorities only when connected to your iPhone or if you connect it to the internet via a mobile or Wi-Fi.)

Automatically detecting wrong crashes in iPhone 14

iPhone 14 Car Crash Wrong Detection

In an update on Twitter, WSJ reporter Joanna Stern shares an example of one of the 911 calls made when an iPhone 14’s owner was attached to a rollercoaster in Cincinnati’s Kings Island amusement park. While the message from the automated system plays, you can hear a muffled sound in the background while the rollercoaster rolls along.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

Stern reports that Warren County, where Kings Island is located, was the recipient of six emergency calls caused by rides at parks since the iPhone 14’s launch. Stern also mentions that other iPhone users have had similar issues at amusement parks throughout the United States.

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How to Fix Roller Coaster Accidental Crash Detection Calls in iPhone 14?

Taking smartphones along on trips isn’t an excellent idea in the first place. However, the potential for false 911 calls could be an additional reason to put your iPhone 14 (and other devices) at home before stepping into the car with the bumper. If you aren’t, you may want to switch your phone into airplane mode or turn off the feature altogether.

iPhone 14 Emergency Contact Number

Crash Detection is always on by default. It is possible to turn off alerts and automated emergency calls from Apple following a severe car accident in Settings and Emergency Services. Then, disable Call After Serious Crash. If you have apps from third parties that find crashes in your phone, they’ll remain to notify you.

Wrap Up

Unnecessary Crash detection is a comfortable situation. It Wastes the time of Life Saving employees and Government Money on Healthcare support. So, When you know you are going to do a Fun activity that can trigger Crash Detection, You should turn your mobile into flight mode or temporarily turn off the option. Did your iPhone 14 make an Accidental Crash call? Share your experience below.

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