How to Use WhatsApp Message YourSelf Option?

Compared with the early days, WhatsApp has begun to provide better options for Real-world issues. Recently WhatsApp rolled out one new feature based on real-time usage. Form the intention; You can understand how much WhatsApp begins to understand user thoughts. In the Beta version, WhatsApp rolled out Message YourSelf Option. You can create your contact as Me and send the necessary details to your chat. Since it is end-to-encrypted, Your details are secure. But, some users may not know how to do this. So, To reduce the issues and further Steps, WhatsApp will roll out the Message YourSelf Option.
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WhatsApp Message YourSelf

The feature is referred to as click-to-chat. It is an internet link that will let you start a chat with yourself using WhatsApp. However, according to WABetaInfo, Meta tests self-texting on WhatsApp Beta version for iOS and Android.

How does it look?

Users of WhatsApp Beta can use the app to text themselves by selecting an additional entry in WhatsApp contacts called Me (You). To help clear any confusion, it automatically creates a card labeled with the Message yourself text, which lets you immediately know its purpose of it.

How to Use WhatsApp Message YourSelf Option?

Message Yourself Option WhatsApp

  • Create a new chat on WhatsApps mobile application.
  • Choose your Me account under the Contacts section on WhatsApp section.
  • Enter your message, click the blue arrow and send your message to yourself.

How do they work?

Any text messages you send to your number will appear in the chat list along with conversations with your family and friends, but with a different caption to distinguish them. Like other messages, self-text messages are automatically synchronized to the other devices you have linked using WhatsApps multi-device feature.

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The new feature was discovered inside the WhatsApp v2.22.24.2 beta release. WhatsApp v2.22.24.2 Beta version is part of this Android application. Furthermore, WABetaInfo also noted that only a handful of users have already been granted access to test outMessage yourself feature Message yourself feature. In this case, WhatsApp has also added the option to chat Me (You), which allows you to send messages directly to you.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

Wrap Up

From the outside, Messages Yourself on WhatsApp may look unnecessary or not helpful. But it always comes in handy when you store or save essential things that are useful for the future. Also, We can forward the messages or quotes which need additional selection and copy to move to the third-party apps. What are your thoughts about WhatsApp Message YourSelf Option? Share it below.

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