Apple removed the Student Verification process to Buy Products in the US regions

You may be aware of the Apple Student program that allows Students and Educational institutions to buy Apple products at discounted prices. But when you want to buy those discounted products, you have to go through the verification process that will verify your original identity whether you belong to the institution or not. It allows Apple to avoid misleading buying and take advantage of the regular users to buy the products at less price. But, Apple recently removed the Student Verification process to Buy Products in the US regions. The removal restriction is currently only for the USA. Even though they removed verification, The purchase of products is limited per user.
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Education Institution Discounts on Apple Products

Apple hasn’t responded immediately to questions about whether the verification requirement was for a short period. Apple has introduced a new verifiability process for its customers in the US which aimed to make sure that customers who are hoping to avail its discounted prices for education are engaged in education. The company is already implementing verification procedures implemented elsewhere, like the UK.

Apple has an Education Store which permits parents, students, and teachers to purchase items at discounted prices. Customers need to verify their eligibility in most countries where an Apple Education Store is available.

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Removal of UNiDAYS verification process on the purchase of Apple Products

Then Apple has ended the verification procedure, as verified by tests conducted from The Verge and backed up by reports from MacRumors and 9to5Mac. In the past, the customers had to confirm whether they were eligible to receive a discount on education through Unidays, the third-party verification service.

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It’s not clear at this point the reasoning behind why Apple has decided to end the verification process for UNiDAYS within a week of its debut. It may come soon again. But, there’s been no confirmation from Apple on the subject.

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Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders


Apple Track indicates that customers can’t buy more than a single product in the current year. Each year, it includes a desktop computer and one Mac mini laptop, two iPads, and two additional accessories. (These limitations are on the Apple website. but the verification is removed.) Customers have also reported Apple setting new limits on the number of items you can purchase with the educational discount. Since it’s higher than what a teacher, student, or another member of the education staff will likely buy for themselves in a year, the limit appears to be there to discourage them from buying products for other people.

The modification is only applicable in the US; Apple still requires customers to prove the status of a teacher or student to be eligible for education-related pricing in other countries such as India or the UK.

Wrap Up

The verification process may allow Apple to reduce misleading purchases. But, It also affects users from the traditional purchase mindset. Most users feel uncomfortable when you give offers but force users to go through many processes to buy the products. So, In the perspective of the mid-set of the users, Apple may remove the verification. Or else, Customers may feel their complete identity is going to the third party. They may think it is not safe with the site. Anything can be a reason, But in the end, We can get Apple products without a complicated verification process. When you belong to Educational institutions, you can get the products without issues. Share your thoughts and experience below.

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