T-Mobile Acquired the Majority Spectrum in the 5G Auction

T-Mobile 5G Tower

T-Mobile always goes with innovative ideas and futuristic processes among all US major carriers. While other carriers are working on the UW 5G, which can take many years, T-Mobile implemented low-band 5G and covered Nationwide coverage. After seeing their success, Other carriers, including AT&T and Verizon, begin to follow their path. Also, Business-wise, they became […]

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Sony PlayStation 5 2023 Model Will Come with an Additional USB Type-C Port and Detachable Hard Disk

Sony PlayStation 5 Prototype

Even though Sony has a wide range of electrical products, Its PlayStation series is famous among people. Compared with any other consoles, Sony PlayStation is loved by most people because of its ease to use and extraordinary features. Sony Released it’s PlayStation 5 on November 2020. The console comes in two main variants With and […]

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