Fubo TV is now available on Google TV Chromecast

Since the Internet becomes a mandatory service like a phone in every home, Stream services are growing day by day. When a Studio or a Company has popular movies or TV shows, they begin their own streaming service. People begin to buy the subscription every month until their favorite show ends. After they move to other services or discontinue the service. The survival and stay of the Stream service purely depend on the contents. In this rally, Only a few services are staying in the game. Fubo starts its service to stream Live Sports Channels. Later they begin to adapt more popular content and Live Channels. Google TV keeps adding popular TV apps to its list. Now Fubo TV is available on Google TV Chromecast.
Fubo TV in Google TV Chromecast

Fubo TV

Fubo is an American streaming television service launched on January 1, 2015. Fubo TV is the world’s only sports-focused streaming service. The Hardware that Fubo TV supports is a pretty wide network. Fubo TV has an app for Android and iOS, over-the-top boxes and sticks including Amazon Fire, Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, and Samsung Smart TVs. A subscription service cost starts with $65 for its family bundle, which streams over 122 channels and 500 hours of Cloud DVR.

Fibo TV available in Google TV

We all know that Fubo TV is one of the greatest live TV Streaming services available today. But the thing it supports Android TV for some time, now the big change is that it quietly extended this week to allow Google TV to better connect with Fubo TV. This is the 33rd streaming service that Google TV has supported so far, and the list is on growing on. The only thing is, in the Android version of Google TV, you will not have the option of Fubo TV.

Fubo TV app available in Google TV Chromecast

To access Fubo TV with a Google account, you will have the basic process to discuss that in a further section.  After linking your Fubo TV profile, you can search for your favorite TV shows and movies, and also some streaming services are shown in the Fubo may be. In a streaming option for some of the content, Fubo TV may appear. Behalf of our brief testing, the integration works for Fubo’s on-demand library shows and movies, but it does not work on live content yet. Another information Google confirmed that this new collaboration does not have the option of Live tab “at this time” is similar to the YouTube TV and Sling TV.

Popular Shows

Fubo TV Available TV Shows and Live TV

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

Fubo TV offers 4,800+ movies more than 1,900 TV shows to subscribers, including live and on-demand news and sports coverage. Fubu TV having shows as follows:

  • Sports shows – Premium League soccer, FOX NFL Sunday, Central Fox, NFL Gameday Room, and more.
  • Action shows – Rickey and Morty, Batman, Sherlock, Legion and, more.
  • Action shows – Family Guy, The Big{Bang} Theory, Vacinos, Friends, Martin, and more.
  • Drama shows – Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Mayan M.C, Chicago PD, and more.

Apart from this, you will have Home and Cooking shows, Entertainment Shows, Kids, Family Shows, News and Talk shows, and Reality Shows.

TV List

You will be having access to local ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX affiliates, but the only thing is you need to double-check that all four are accessible in your area.

How to Link Fubo TV in Google TV?

Fubo TV available in Google TV Stream List

As the latest service to debut on Google TV devices, Fubo TV may pull suggestions and offer an option for finding TV shows and movies. This process is to sign into Fubo TV with a Google account directly. For Fubo TV membership, you need to pay and touch on the toggle to finish the account linking. After a successful link, You can search the Fubo contents in the general search bar also.

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Wrap Up

Since Fubo TV uses Google Cloud infrastructure, it is faster and less server buffer issues compare with other Stream services. In most Stream services other than popular Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime, The buffer issues and Stream issues are frequent. When Google TV launched with Chromecast, Users didn’t expect Google will provide this much software support. Google TV already got the Peacock app which has our all-time favorite “The Office” TV show with new Behind the Scenes and Extended Cut versions. Did you use the Fibo app on Google TV? Share your experience below.

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