Disney+ Platform reaches 100 Million Subscribers in 59 Countries

After the failure of buying Disney content by Netflix, Disney started their streaming platform as Disney+. After Amazon Prime and Netflix, Disney+ is the first OTT platform with limited Studios and Movies. Unlike Netflix, where you can watch different Studio movies and content, In Disney+, You can watch only Disney content. Most of the tech enthusiasts predicted Disney+ couldn’t survive in their new platform. They struggle a lot in the beginning. But what everybody thought the barrier, Disney converted it into the steps. They begin to release exclusive content with their Disney characters. Now Disney+ Platform reaches 100 Million Subscribers in 59 Countries. Approximately within a year, They achieved this milestone.
Disney Plus Available Channels

Disney+ Streaming Service

Since launching in November 2019, Disney+ has surged to the upper echelon of the crowded streaming ranks with 37 Million subscribers in the US and over 86 million globally. Its success has marked a bright spot for Disney+, a company that has lost a little bit of magic. In the Mandalorian series, characters go to great lengths and take a few risks to keep the Popular Baby Yoda safe.

And in many ways, Disney has made similar movies to help nascent streaming platforms thrive. Disney owns the Star Wars franchise; it’s one of the many well-known brands the company packed into its Disney+ streaming catalog.

Disney+ reaches 100 Million Subscribers

Disney Plus Reached 100 Million Paid Subscribers Official Statement

Disney+ is a popular OTT video streaming service provider like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. This is owned and operated by The Walt Disney Studios. All of the shows streaming in Disney+ are produced by The Walt Disney Studios and Walt Disney Television. Disney launched this OTT Streaming site in November 2019, but within just 16 months, it reached 100 million subscribers. Currently, Disney+ has a total of 100 million subscribers in 59 countries. This is a huge landmark for the OTT platforms.

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Mandalorian Break

The Mandalorian has been the breakout hit of Disney+, and it’s no surprise because it combines a known entity, the Star Wars universe, arguably the most successful franchise in Hollywood history. Disney+ offered 500 films and over 7500 TV episodes at launch. They had this stable of brands that they could already draw on, plus they had movies and characters that people wanted to watch again and again. So Disney+ became the exclusive home.

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Mandalorian Baby Yoda

On the first day of The Mandalorian, Disney+ claims over 10 Million Subscribers. This Huge success didn’t come at a better time for Disney. Even before the current situation, investors begin to question Disney’s long-term growth potential. Disney+ was viewed as a critical venture to help the company capitalize on digital entertainment. Because many streaming options are available for users, It is hard to go without exclusive content.

Disney Stock and Investors thoughts

Investors looked at companies like Netflix and Amazon, seeing companies with a lot of growth, whereas Disney, despite ruling the Box office. When the pandemic hit with Disney Shuttering Theme parks and no theatres open to screen movies, so Disney’s share price dived. With people staying home, revenues shrunk, and Disney+ quickly became more important to the companies bottom line.

So well that Disney announced a massive restructuring of the company, positioning streaming as a top priority.

Despite posting two consecutive quarters of losses in 2020, including losing over $2.4 billion and its park division, Disney’s stock price has rebounded.

Reasons for Success

The big corporations building video platforms following the format Netflix used to disrupt Hollywood in the first place. Disney launched Disney+ for $6.99 a month. Apple launched Apple TV plus for $5 a month, like other streaming Platforms provide $6 to $15.00 a month.

Truth be told, Disney+ was far behind in the early days comparing with other OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. After all the struggles, Disney+ planned to stream some superhero movies and animated movies already well known by people. The Mandalorian, WandaVision are some shows which keep Disney+ back on track. They Started Streaming and producing Superhero movies in their OTT. These plans are really worked and well reached among the Subscribers. Later Disney+ tied up with Hotstar India, which brings more subscribers from India.

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After the long fight back with other OTT platforms, Disney+ reached 100 Million Subscribers just 16 Months ago. It’s not the end because the streaming war is just started between some of the companies.

Wrap Up

Some techies compare Netflix and Disney+ based on how many years they took to get 100 million paid subscribers. But, They have to realize, Netflix struggles a lot to make people understand what the OTT platform is and how it works. Disney smartly uses the road and wins the race. Still, Disney didn’t catch other platform users. Because People always stick with OTT because of the contents available in that. Recently HBO Max stream Wonder Woman on their OTT platform. So, Until every platform has its unique contents, People will not jump from one platform to another. What are your thoughts about Disney+ reaching 100 million paid subscribers within a small period? Share your thoughts.

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