Google hired God of War Head Shannon Studstill to Run Stadia Studio in LA

When Google launched Stadia, most of the tech people thought it is like testing, and they will kill this project in the future. But, Google making more significant steps towards the Cloud gaming project. First of all, they opened an exclusive separate studio for Stadia Games. Google hired Sony’s Santa Monica Studio head, Shannon Studstill- is a former Head of the Award-winning Game team- God of War (2018).  Hiring Shannon Studstill is a big move from Google to give hope to other game developers. Because Most of the Game developing companies are in double mind to support Stadia or not, and they worry about the Stadia future. But, this kind of step gives hope to those companies, and I assume they are trying to tell in a hidden way that Stadia is a Long term project.
Google Stadia Studio Playa Vista LA

I know Stadia is not that much good in most of the places. But, It is starting from the Google Side. Also, Google Doesn’t target Regular Gamers. They want to attract a general audience. When you are a Gamer, Most of them prefer PC type, and they know what they want. So, Like Stream services, Google wants the general audience to be a part of Stadia. It makes sense. Assume, You have free time; all you want is 1 hour of Gaming in your free time. Stadia can help you here with less cost. They keep adding new mobiles on the Stadia supporting list.

New Stadia Studio Details

Google Stadia Studio Spruce Goose Hangar in Playa Vista

The location of New Stadia Studio is in Playa Vista in Los Angeles, California. ZGF Partnered with Google to design this Studio building. It is at 450K+ Sq.Ft Four Level Building. They modified the Spruce Goose Hangar in Playa Vista. This Studio is going to use for the Stadia Games Development. It is Exclusive for Stadia Game Developments.

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Who is Shannon Studstill?

Shannon Studstill Discussing God of War

Shannon Studstill is the Previous head of Sony’s Santa Monica Studio. The Studio that responsible for Play Station hit Game God of War (2018). You can say it is one of the best games still. Jade Raymond, VP of Stadia, said that they want to develop exclusive games in the Stadia Studio. But, They can’t do it without the experience and knowledge of the leading persons.

Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo
Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo

Shannon Studstill in House- What is it meant for Google Stadia?

As I said earlier, Stadia is not like other Google Projects. Where they have full control in development. When things go wrong, they can kill the project and make the alternatives. But, In Stadia Game, companies spend their millions on developing the best games. When they want to support the Staia Platform, they want to know the reliability of the platform.

Making big moves in the physical world, instead of the software upgrades, Stadia giving hope to the Game developers. Shannon is excellent in the Game studio industry. Google believes they can make some basic movements in Stadia. It is an obvious step from Google. They are already hiring experienced people. Additional to this, Hiring the already best person and use their experience is a great idea. I assume in the future; they will release some best casual games for regular users.

Wrap Up

I didn’t say Stadia is the best one to choose from Gaming. But, When you thought about Cloud Gaming, who can do better than Google? Stadia Gaming experience depends on a lot of factors like latency and speed. Also, Stadia doesn’t consume much data unless you use 4K Gaming. I can say we are in an early stage. For regular people who rarely play games, Instead of buying expensive consoles and PCs, Platforms like Stadia is worthy. You can play in any supported mobiles and devices. Anywhere, Anytime. Hiring influential people to utilize their experience is excellent. What are your thoughts about the New Stadia Studio and Hire of Shannon Studstill? Comment below.

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