Google Pixel 7 128GB Prototype is listed on eBay for $450 then De-Listed

Google I/O is an event where Google will announce the list of its working products on the hardware and software side. In 2022, Google announced many products, including Pixel 7, Pixel Watch, and Google Tablets. When Google advertises means, They are already working on their products, and some of them may come to the prototype stage. Getting leaked details are standard in the News sector. But, In recent years, Some people can get a hand on the Prototypes. As one of the users already got the Pixel 7 prototype in hand. Also, That person listed Google Pixel 7 128GB Prototype on eBay for $450 bidding.
Google Pixel 7 Unlocked Screen in the Table

Google Pixel 7 128GB Prototype listed on eBay for $450 bidding

The Google Pixel 7 prototype just popped available for sale on eBay. Reddit User u/lucklouie posted the auction on the Google Pixel subreddit members but later clarified that they were not the seller. This listing explains that it’s a prototype of the Pixel 7, something made evident by the non-standard design on the rear. Google typically replaces its logo on the first units, a practice that has been seen in other phones leaked in the earlier days. If you’re willing to act quickly, it could be the next phone you buy.

Google Pixel 7 eBay Listing

Google Pixel 7 listing Specifications

Pixel 7. These images don’t tell us anything we’re unaware of concerning Pixel 7. On the outside, the front – which Google hasn’t yet shown off in its official renderings- appears quite a bit similar to that of the Pixel 6, right down to the hole-punch camera and the non-curved display.

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However, the most exciting aspect of these images comes not from the camera but rather from the camera used to capture these photos. The top features the display and cameras shown in the early renders of pre-announcement; however, it’s not much different here. The back is made of similar glossy glass that we saw last year; however, the camera bar is an elegant silver matte finish.

Does eBay’s seller profile legitimate? Is eBay’s seller profile authentic?

The exact origins of the device are not clear. This is the only currently active listing and the first item to be sold by the account. It’s not a new account; the seller has been an eBay member since 2006 and has purchased various other things. The final picture in the listing contains an uncensored 1995 check and the initial four digits of an IMEI code. The listing states that the phone runs Android 13 with in-development applications and is available “as.”

The user removed the pixel 7 listing after the listing was in use for several hours

Google Pixel 7 Delisted from eBay

The device was removed from the market quickly after it began to garner interest online. The link will now show users who own Pixel 6 devices. If you go at the seller’s profile, it will show you will see that the Pixel 7 prototype is currently listed as a “completed auction.” When you click this link, you’ll see this banner “The buyer terminated this sale because it was a mistake in the listing.”

As per the taken Pictures Seller have Google Pixel 7 Pro Also

Google Pixel 7 Front and Rear Pictures

If you notice carefully, The person taking the Pixel 7 Rear image with Pixel 7 Pro mobiles. You can see the reflection in the Pixel rear. The reflective backside reveals that the photographer’s Pixel 7 Pro took these images in one shot.

Why is the Prototype leak not good for Google?

Google is planning to launch the Pixel 7 in October 2022. Preserving secrets has lots of reasons, including competitor shield protection. When other competitors know the spec for design, They may release better before mobile before a few weeks, Affecting the Pixel 7 sales. This can’t happen in the mobile industry since processor production and other components production need months. But, there is plenty of time that other companies may tweak something, and it can affect the overall sales of Pixel phones.

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How can Google prevent Prototype Leaks in the future?

Google is already following some procedures to get a hand on prototypes and follows serial number tracking. But, In these types of Prototypes, Google should enable GPS tracking where the user can’t turn it off, or They should force it. Also. In the future, Prototype devices should have unique numbers where Google can easily trackback who it belongs to or missing.

Wrap Up

Since Google already struggles with its leading companies’ competition, Its mobile hardware products somewhat get criticized for something. You may wonder why some users sold the prototype, It may not work for a long time, or they will use it for some experiments. Not it does not work like that. When a contract price is exposed before the bidding, it can change everything. So, Before October 2022, any company releasing better specs at a reasonable price can affect Pixel 7 sales. What are your thoughts about the Pixel 7 Prototype listing on eBay? Share your thoughts below.

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