Why Mobiles Nowadays have Many Cameras?

You may wonder DSLR Cameras have only one Camera, But they are performing Well, But Why Mobiles need Many Cameras? The Problem is portability. When we consider components for Mobiles, we have to consider Lightweight, Energy and lots of factors. We can Bring all the features with Single Camera, But It will look Bulky and Consume Lots of Battery. So, to reduce the risks, we have to split the cameras for different functions like Ultra Wide, Focus like that.

Days are gone when people use to buy a mobile phone for communication purpose only. Smartphone technology has changed the way of using a mobile phone by introducing so many different features. Among all the elements of a mobile phone, a camera is the most critical and most viral feature which help people to decide whether one should buy a specific mobile phone or not. Now people check the quality and reviews of a mobile camera before purchasing a mobile phone instead of checking the quality of voice. Camera Components with Lens and Accessories

Isn’t just strange that instead of focusing on the primary use of a mobile phone the human race is focusing on the second feature like a camera? This is why the mobiles now a day have many cameras. Even the recent launch of S10 and Nokia 9 Pure has given the idea about the importance of mobile camera to the world as S10 has three cameras where Nokia 9 pure view has five cameras. Yes, you read it right; there are five cameras on the latest mobile by Nokia.

Why are mobile companies introducing many cameras on mobile?

The answer is simple, more cameras in demand. How could we say that? Well, the activity of the people makes companies realize early that there is a need for not just more cameras but more high-quality cameras.

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Last year, in 2018, according to stats, the human race has taken about 1.3 trillion photos. 80% of them have been made through Smartphone, and we are not just talking about the selfies here, but famous world photographers are not using and preferring to use a mobile phone for photography. These stats are just about the photos, and here we are ignoring videos where we know that the videos are equally popular.

Huawei P20 Pro on Table

Till now only expensive phones have the option of multiple cameras like iPhones, Huawei P20 Pro, latest S10 by Samsung and Nokia 9 Pure View, etc. But the time is near when the inexpensive mobile phone would also have more cameras due to public demand. Defiantly, there would be a difference between photo and video quality when we compare expensive mobile phones with inexpensive mobile phones with many cameras.

What makes people buy a multi-camera mobile phone?

First, we need to understand the use of multi-cameras on a mobile phone. If you think that you will able to take five different photos at a time from a mobile phone with five different cameras, then you are wrong. You will be still able to make only one photo at a time even with a mobile phone with 3 or 5 cameras.

The purpose of introducing more cameras is to enhance the quality of the photo, and this is what is in demand by the people, and this is why the mobile companies are introducing more cameras in the mobile phone. With a multi-camera telephone, you can achieve all the DSLR level pictures.

Multi Lens Camera

There are drawbacks of introducing more cameras too. For example, the multi-camera increases your mobile weight; think about the lens attached in your mobile. It will also consume a lot of energy. So to avoid weight and consume less power, the lenses are divided into parts like the main camera, focus, wide camera, etc.

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Each camera of a single mobile phone comes with different tasks, and their primary function is to enhance the photos and make the Smartphone more DSLR like. They do this by improving the pixels, light, sharpness, motion, processing of photo, clearness, and brightness, etc. Combing multi cameras in a mobile phone is indeed a great initiative to small the size of DSLR like the product and enhancing the photo quality which can further use for the business and research purpose.

Why are multi-camera phones a new thing?

Till now we are only using mobile cameras to take photos, but business people and mobile companies are thinking beyond that. The mobile cameras can be used as all-purpose sensors to harvest the data from the environment. It is quicker than other process and available to everyone (we all have a Smartphone now).

Let me share my example with you to understand how many people are using mobile cameras for other purposes too. I am not using mobile cameras to capture the moments around me but also as a quick reminder. I take photos of important documents, serial numbers, hotel room, rental car license plate, plane ticket, where I am parking my car and pictures of outstanding notes. In short, a mobile camera is not just a camera for me to take photos and post them on social media, but it is working for me as a reminder. Mobile companies have picked the idea of introducing more cameras from there.

Some Applications can be used For Better Camera Utilization

This idea of using a mobile camera for other purposes is already in work. For example, we have many applications available which can help us to find essential data.


This app allows us to take a photo of anything and get information about it via search. Get CamFind.

Google Photos

Just take a photo of a business card directly through Google photo camera and see how it will add all information about the person in your Google Contacts. Get Google Photos.

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Google Translator

It is using the camera features to translate any foreign language in real time. Open camera in this application and point out the camera to the foreign language to see the instant translation. Get Google Translator.


This app solves the math problem you take a photo of. Get Photomath.

The trend of these apps are making companies to introduce better quality cameras and although, more is better to improve the quality of data.

Defiantly, this is just an introduction. We don’t know how the data used through the mobile camera can be used in the future to do other essential tasks including scanning people airport or using these cameras for security purpose. We can’t say anything the way the technology is improving day by day.


We already discussed Why Mobile Camera MP Size Doesn’t matter. If you notice Pixel 2 XL and Pixel 3 XL Outperforms with Single camera. So, The number of cameras also doesn’t matter. But if you consider Ultra Wide shots, we can’t do this with software alone. That’s why Pixel 3 Xl Have Dual Selfie cameras. If you have any doubt regarding this, comment below, I Try my best to solve your Questions…:)

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