Multiple User Profile Support with Customized Home Page is coming to Google TV

Compare with Smart TVs, The Android TV stick is affordable, and you can easily convert any regular Smart TV or regular HDMI Port TV into Android TV. But, Since it is cheap, Most of the manufacturers didn’t provide better software support after-sales. So, Google redesigned Chromecast and Announced a new device called Google TV Chromecast. You can convert your regular Smart TV into Android TV using Chromecast. After the launch of the device, Google released a bunch of regular useful features and updates. Now they are working on Multiple User Profile Support with Customized Home Page on Google TV.
Google TV Chromecast Home Page with Multi User Profile

Google always try their best to fill the hole in the Android Industry. To give better Android Mobiles, They begin to sell Pixel lineups. We will know Chromecast is used to Stream Media files from your mobile. Most of the Android TVs Nowadays come with Chromecast built-in. So, there is no need to buy a separate device for it.

In recent times we heard several updates about the features introduced by Google TV. Now Google revealed another update on their Google TV is that multiple users profile supporting. Google TV is now getting ready to support many user profiles with customized home pages. This extended service is used to support individual profiles on its home page. These profiles will be designed for personal information.

Google TV Chromecast Profile Support

To give the best experience on Android TV, Google TV debuted by combined with the latest Chromecast. At that time itself, it has the option to sign in with more than one Google account.

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By using a single Google TV device, multiple members of the family can be signed in. There will be an option called personalized recommendation on the top; it has offered by the smart TV operating system. However, if any user needs to add a new Google account by mean, they will get the warning that says,” you won’t see the recommendation for those accounts on the Google TV home screen” maybe this changes soon.

Even after having the new update installed, the publication could not spot Google TV’s improved profile support live on our Chromecasts. Still, work is underway to give a better offer. The Primary account only decides the personalization of the home screen and recommendation, even if users using multiple accounts. By using Settings and then Accounts and Sign-in, users can manage their existing accounts.

Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo
Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo

Multiple User Profiles Support Coming to Google TV Chromecast with Personalized Home Page

At the beginning of this year, Google TV devices introduce a new feature, and these new features permitted to set up profiles for the Kids. In March, the Google TV kids profile was first launched in the United States and later rolled out to other regions.

YouTube Kids in Google TV

We know about Kids Mode in Google TV, and you can control it from your Family Link App. Similarly, the Google TV home page getting ready to support kids even better. But in this new update, Google added some extra feature: parents are allowed to monitor their kids’ content and how long. This feature is most welcomed among the kids because they will set up a separate space for their favorite apps and content.

Google TV also offers a tutorial in this new rollout, which is, it has the control option of what the kid in their family can watch and do not, and it has a hiding option from a kid’s recommendation. For hiding TV shows and movies from a kid’s home screen, hold on to the content thumbnail and select ‘Hide.’ Another interesting thing is that parents can create their kid’s profile in their name or add it to the existing account. In the multi-profile, the whole settings, including Display Settings and Volume Settings, will vary.

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This is also known as the Google TV Home app, and it has been updated to a new version, 1.0.370, and it is rolling out now via the Play Store. It is like a feature update, which we can expect within one or two months.

Wrap Up

Different Profile support is a great idea, Instead of changing the Google Account every time. It is like a Profile in Tesla. Each profile gives you a different experience and comfortable setup based on the users. Mostly some members of the family prefer low brightness and different display settings. With the Multi profile, They don’t have to adjust the settings every time. Unlike other Android TV sticks, Google keeps improving. They already got popular Stream services certification from Peacock and BBC. What are your thoughts about the new Multi profile support in Google TV Chromecast? Did you find it useful? Share your thoughts.

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