Five New Things Added in Re-Released Samsung Galaxy Fold

The first time we heard Samsung’s foldable smartphones, almost everyone was happy to see the device. Because it is from Samsung, other Manufacturers device Doesn’t look promising. However, not long after the introduction, we heard a lot of rumors about the Samsung Galaxy fold, which killed the enthusiasm most Samsung fans had about this device. Don’t worry; the South Korean tech giant announced that it had fixed a lot of things in the Galaxy Fold device. Also, they assure that the Foldable phone is now better than it was. We are interested in knowing improved stuff on this device, and, definitely, you’d want to know if those rumored stories have been dealt with? Well, here are the new things added in the Re-Produced Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone.Samsung Galaxy Fold on the White Table

Fixed things in Re-Produced Samsung Galaxy Fold Phone

Samsung re-launches the Galaxy Fold device in September 2019 in the US. The company assures that all the flaws are fixed, which are found on the first launch. There are a lot of improvements on this Re-Released Galaxy Fold. They not only fixed screen faults; they Improved a lot of things. You can pre-order for this next-generation Galaxy Fold device or wait till it gets to your country or region. Well, the price is still on the high side, but you shouldn’t expect a lesser cost. It is natural for a device like this.

The new things available on the re-launched Samsung Galaxy Fold are;

1. T Cap in the Display Corners

Samsung Galaxy Fold T-Cap

This was the major problem of the first Samsung Galaxy Fold that was released on April 2019. Most of the units sent out to some techies to review got the display peeled off. Well, not like the device peeled off on its own. There is a layer on display to protect the Infinity Flex Display from external things. Which most reviewers thought was a somewhat screen protector; thus, in the process of attempting to peel off the somewhat screen protector, they got the device’s display peeled off.

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Samsung knows this issue. The new Galaxy Fold comes with a T-shaped Cap situated at the corner of the display. It helps to prevent users from seeing the layer which most previous reviewers peeled off thinking it was a screen protector.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

Here’s what the company posted about the improvements on protecting Galaxy Fold’s display, as well as correcting all other rumored faults.

  • The Protective Layer of the Infinity Flex Display Expanded to the end of the Bezels to protect the Display from the Peel-Off.
  • Additional Re-Inforcements added to protect the display from the tiny particles, that may go in the Display.
  • Top and Bottom hinge area protected with the Caps (T-Caps).

YouTube Reviewer Marques Brownlee said the display of this new Fold device really improved, and the Foldable phone is now better in terms of its display.

2. Expanded Protective Layer

Samsung Galaxy Fold Display Full Expanded

The screen display size is 7.3-inch on the inside. There is a protective layer on the top of the Infinity Flex Display. In the early version, It is stopped up to the Display. Now the Protective Layer expanded to the end of the bezels. It avoided the possibility of initial peel off Display problem.

3. Warning When Setup the phone

Samsung Galaxy Fold Setup Warning

Is Samsung trying to be more careful this time around, or what? Well, there’s a welcome note that appears on the Galaxy Fold screen during the setup process. This alerts users of the protective layer, which seemed the major problem with the firstly released Galaxy Fold.

Also, the warning reminds users that their Galaxy Fold is not resistant to either water or dust. Yes, the device has “no Resistance.” You have to be careful if you take this device to the beach or pool. This may not be good news, but, hopefully, the upcoming models of this series will launch with some resistance.

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More so, you’re advised not to attach any other component to your Galaxy Fold’s screen. That means you shouldn’t add a screen protector; the device already comes with an original screen protector, direct from the manufacturer.

Finally, you shouldn’t keep your Galaxy Fold close to objects like credit cards, keys, and other things that can be attracted by a magnet. They can react to magnetic force. It is a piece of simple advice.

4. Tight Fold

Marques Brownlee, aka MKBHD (YouTube Tech Reviewer), hints about “Tight Fold.” The hinge is technically engineered; the device folds completely and unfolds seamlessly. It is an excellent foldable smartphone that everyone can use. However, some users may still damage the device after some time.

5. New 5G Version

Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G Retail Box

Yeah, there’s going to be a 5G version of this smartphone. We know they already announced this device during the Old announcement. But, No one gets in hand, due to regular phones faced some problem. Since Samsung’s competitors are already making smartphones with 5G compatibility, Samsung is also providing a 5G version of its next-generation foldable smartphone. The specifications of Galaxy Fold 5G variant are practically the same with the 4G options, just a few differences based on your preference. This 5G version will be available in specific regions. Take your smartphone experience to the next level with 5G technology by going for the 5G variant of Samsung Galaxy Fold Smartphone. As said earlier, nothing changed in the 5G version.

What more?

This is the first of its kind – a foldable smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy Fold acts like a mini-tablet when unfolded, and it turns to a typical smartphone when folded; however, with a smaller display (4.6-inch). The specifications and features of this device are just what we can expect from a 2019 flagship device. The RAM, ROM, Chipset, Technologies, etc. are all designed with cutting-edge technologies. You may have to use this device are you primary (every day) smartphone, but it is a device that’s worth using.

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I think Business People love this device. Beyond these things, I always love the Apology Acceptance from Samsung. If anything goes wrong, Samsung still accepts the fault and fix the issues. You already know the Note 7 Incident. That’s why Samsung always lead in the Mobile Industry. Check our Samsung Success Story to know more. If you find any other additional new things in Samsung Galaxy Fold, comment below.

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