Download Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Verizon Wireless USA Android 12 SM-F721U One UI 4.1 Stock Firmware (Carrier Locked)

samsnug galaxy z flip 4 youtube

Even though mobile companies and mobile industries look like it is trending and growing Day by Day. We can see plenty of new ideas in the early and midrange years. Like slide flip, phones are available. But after Android OS began to trend, mobile combinations stuck with solid brick design. Some mobile companies try their best to […]

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Root Motorola Edge 30 Fusion Android 12 using Magisk XT-2243

motorola edge 30 fusion personalise

After the reentry of Motorola into the mobile Sector for a long time, they only stick with entry-level and midrange mobiles. After gaining a vast user base, they also began to release flagship mobiles. Compared with other mobile companies, since Motorola uses stock Android, we can expect better performance on both UI and hardware performance. Motorola Edge 30 fusion is a flagship mobile with […]

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Root Motorola Edge 30 Neo Android 12 using Magisk XT-2245

moto edge 30 neo personalise

Compared with the custom skin mobiles, the stock Android version of mobiles can handle any apps or updates without issues, even with limited hardware specs. Currently, only a few companies provide stock Android versions. Some famous mobile brands, like Samsung, only stick with custom skin UI. Other companies like Xiaomi provide Android devices that stock Android version mobiles. Moto always uses […]

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