Download Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Comcast USA Android 12 SM-F936U One UI 4.1 Stock Firmware (Carrier Locked)

samsung galaxy z fold 4 home screen in single hand

Compared with regular mobiles, tablet devices are not widely used everywhere. If you notice, tablet devices are mainly used for houses, entertainment, or offices. Because of its size, we can’t carry that mobile device to all the places. But the new concept of Samsung can shrink the device size and easily fit in our pockets. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is […]

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Fix Motorola Moto G Stylus (2022) Stuck on Boot Start screen logo

moto g stylus 2022 settings

Even though mobile companies stick with brick designs for stability and reliability, they try to provide additional accessories to judge the mobile designs. Most accessories, like, headphones and others, are helpful for real-time. Stylish or touch pens are useful for business people and artists. Not only with separate stylus pens when mobile companies unknown stylish related to […]

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Google Pixel 7 128GB is Available at $27.73/Mo for 18 Months in Best Buy

Google Pixel 7 Unlocked Home Screen

Google introduced Its in-house processor in Pixel 6. Even though the processor may not give top performance compared with other processors, It gives hope to users that Google is slowly moving towards trustworthy hardware products. Also, Compared with other companies’ high-end mobiles, The price is reasonable for Pixel mobiles. Black Friday is coming soon. So, […]

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Root Motorola Moto G32 Android 12 using Magisk

moto g32 outdoor

The purpose of rooting, from enhancing performance to using different powerful apps, is happening now. In the early stages of Android mobiles, we root our mobiles to improve their performance because we have limited hardware. The software and OS are also not that good. So our mobile will face frequent freeze are stuck issues when handling a large number of messages also. But recent mobiles […]

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