Download Motorola Moto G100/Edge S Android 11 Official Stock Firmware (All Regions)

Motorola Edge S Android 11 Apps Screen

Smartphones slowly begin to add more and more cameras for different purposes.  Most of the companies add many cameras to attract users. Moto always tries to stay with the trend. That’s why they are a successful mobile company till now. Along with affordable mid-range mobiles, Moto begins to release Flagship mobiles. Motorola Edge S, aka […]

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Download Samsung Galaxy A71 5G SM-A7160/B/S/U1 Android 11 One UI 3.1 Stock Firmware

Samsung Galaxy A71 5G Android 11 Home Screen Apps

After mixing mid-range mobiles with the “A” series, Samsung decided to keep the high-end upper mid-range mobiles, Above “50” model number. So, Anything above that value in Samsung Galaxy “A” series is near-flagship mobile support in both hardware and software. Samsung Galaxy A51 and A71 made huge sales in 2020. Both come with Android 10. […]

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