The upcoming Redmi Note 10 series will come with an AMOLED screen

When you want to give better specs mobile for a particular budget, You have to choose the best and budget components for mobile. Xiaomi is popular for making affordable phones. To do that, They have to make some compromise in components. One of the compromises in Xiaomi mobiles is Display. Most of the Xiaomi mid-range and budget mobiles are using LCDs. They are bright and can give a better view. But they are not best to compare with AMOLED. When you consider the Dark Theme to save battery life, LCDs are useless here. Only AMOLED and OLED can save the battery when you are using Dark Mode. Users are requesting Xiaomi to use LED displays for years. But, Now, The upcoming Redmi Note 10 series will come with an AMOLED screen.
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Enough of the speculations, it’s now official that the upcoming Xiaomi Note 10 series would feature AMOLED displays. We already Xiaomi to be a trusted smartphone manufacturer when looking out for top-quality and high specifications. Xiaomi devices are typically always among the top 3 best options in various smartphone/electrical electronics markets. The news of the Note 10 series coming with AMOLED displays was tweeted by the company’s global Vice President, Manu Kumar Jain, on his official Twitter handle.

Redmi Note 10 with AMOLED screen

According to the tweet from Xiaomi’s national vice president, which read, “BOOOOM! Excited to share that the #RedmiNote10 series will feature #SuperAMOLED display – 1st TIME EVER ON a #RedmiNote! Fire. Undoubtedly the single-most #10on10 anticipated reveal of all-time! RT and share this epic news! I love #Redmi #AMOLED.”

Redmi Note 10 Series AMOLED Screen Official Tweet

Checking through the replies under the tweet, it is visible that most Xiaomi Note users wanted the AMOLED display, and this seems like a breakthrough. However, one person quickly pointed out that the upcoming Note 10 series’s price may be extremely high due to this display tech. Also, it’s looking like some variants of the Note 10 series will come with an sAMOLED (Super AMOLED) display; that would definitely increase the price. The variants will be three models (vanilla, Pro, and Pro Max) unless Xiaomi adds more exquisite variants.

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Before now, the Xiaomi Note series had never got devices with AMOLED displays; the Note 10 series would be the first to feature such a top-notch display in the Redmi Note series.

Redmi Note 10 Launch Date and Specs

Rumors had it that Xiaomi will announce the Redmi Note 10 Series on March 4, and we should expect a device with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 678 chipset, alongside a 6GB or 8GB RAM chip. Also, the leaked camera specs showed Note 10 (main version) would come with a 48MP primary camera with a big 6.43-inch screen size. Camera MP size decides only high-resolution photos. But Camera MP not only matters in better pictures.

The Pro variant is expected to come with Snapdragon 750G alongside a 6/8GB RAM and 128GB storage. Note 10 Pro is also expected to come with a bigger 6.67-inch SuperAMOLED display. Apparently, the Pro Max variant would offer higher specs and integrate more features – but the tweet from Xiaomi’s VP didn’t show the smartphones’ specs – it only mentioned the display panel we should expect. Thursday is already neigh; let’s see what Xiaomi has in stock for us all.

Wrap Up

The success of Xiaomi is because of its affordable prices. Xiaomi smartphones are typically classy, sturdy, and efficient – they are mostly better than most other smartphones within their price range. Hence, considering the company’s track record of making high-quality smartphones, we can assume that the upcoming Note 10 series would be a set of impressive devices. There are no clear details regarding these new devices’ camera features, but we can expect to see a couple of new camera features. Would you watch the Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 unveiling event? How do you feel about the AMOLED display in Redmi Note 10 series? Comment below.

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