Root Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Snapdragon SM-T860/T865 Pie 9.0 using TWRP and Magisk

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 on the Brown Wooden Table

Like Samsung Galaxy “S” series, Tab S Series also has Flagship level features, Including Processor Level. Unlike other Tablets, S6 is focused more on Pure Tab experience, and Samsung planned to give an alternative to your Laptop. I can say they succeed 80-85%. But some laptop features can’t be replaced by Tablets forever. If you […]

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Root Samsung Galaxy Note 10/Plus Snapdragon SM-N9700/N9750 Pie 9.0 using TWRP and Magisk

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 on the Brown Wooden Table

When you bought Snapdragon variants in Samsung Galaxy devices, you can expect extraordinary performance, But when it is coming to developing methods like Rooting, you will be more restricted. That’s why Snapdragon processor devices get late rooting ways, or they will come with limited features. But, Chinese variants are different. Here I mentioned the root […]

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