Samsung will not show 15 seconds Ads in lock screen

Recently Samsung getting backlash for a leaked image of One UI 2.5 that is showing unskippable 15 seconds Ads in lock screen. Many users share it, and most of the sites covered the topic on this information. But, The real news is the image is photoshopped, and Samsung will not show 15 seconds Ads in your mobile lock screen. Samsung testing Ads in some of its stock apps, including a weather app. The guy who noticed Ads in the Weather app photoshopped that Ads with the lock screen for fun. After seeing that in the official Samsung forum, Everone got upset and started blaming Samsung.
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What is the real story of Samsung Ads showing in their stock Apps?

A guy posted a screenshot of that shows Samsung showing Ads in the mobile lock screen. It has 15 seconds counter that running at the bottom of the screen. You can’t unlock your mobile until the Ad run. He posted that screenshot in the Samsung Korea forum. People already saw Ads in the Samsung weather app. So, When he posted the two photos with the weather app Ads, People believe Samsung is going to show Ads in most of the stock apps, including the lock screen. But the weather Ads also not from Samsung. The company that is responsible for the weather data-pushed those Ads. (English translated).

Samsung Showing 15 Seconds Ads in the lock screen photoshopped

The blend looks legit. So most of the people begin to blame Samsung. It is a mixed real and fake detail. People an Ad in their stock app and believe it is going to happen in all of the apps, including screen lock.

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Samsung will not show 15 seconds Ads on the lock screen.

Most of the companies begin to show Ads in their mobile stock apps, including Xiaomi, Realme phones. You can get rid of those Ads using simple techniques. Realme allows officially to disable the Ads. Samsung is also showing some notification Ads and promotions of their products. They showed some ads in the lock Home screen feeds. I didn’t tell they don’t show Ads. But, In the 15 seconds unskippable Ad in the lock screen, It doesn’t make sense. None of the companies will do this kind of activity to their customers.

Due to the budget competition, Companies like Samsung have to sell their mobile with a thin margin. So, they are testing Ads in some of its apps. But they didn’t roll out to the actual users yet. You can get rid of those promotions when you set up your new mobile or in the settings. Samsung and other budget mobiles are different. Even if you can get the high specs mobile for the same price that you spend on Samsung mobile, Both qualities are distinct. Samsung using it’s best AMOLED displays in the mid-range mobiles. Most of the users will not face fundamental issues like Display failure, Mic, Speaker issues in their usage. But it is not a story with other budget manufacturers. They use cheap components. Thus even if you have a high power processor, you will face fundamental issues. Therefore it will affect the overall user experience.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

Wrap Up

Running a mobile manufacturing company is a tough job. We already saw a lot of companies are out of business in a few years. When a user loses trust, they simply move to other manufacturers. When you listen to users, you can win. OnePlus become a success because they always listen to the user’s voice. Companies already know loyalty is how much important. So, Big companies won’t do things that are going to affect people in real-time. Showing 15 seconds Ads in the lock screen can make serious problems, What if you want to make an emergency call and you have to wait for 15 seconds. It won’t happen with mobiles. So, Whenever you receive news like that, You have to think it is true or not. A single tweet from you can affect other people and make unnecessary issues.

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I won’t support Ads on mobile because it is not a good business idea. But it is our responsibility what is the truth behind the news. That’s why I covered the story about what is going on with the Samsung Ad issue. What are your thoughts about companies begin to show Ads in their stock apps? Did you also feel it is the worst idea? Comment below.

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