US Mobile Carriers going to Show Ads on Android Lock Screen with Glance

Even though you can control what you see and avoid categories, showing ads on the Lock Screen is always a weird situation. While people complained about System-level Apps Ads by mobile manufacturers and Xiaomi understood the situation and reduced those activities after Android 11, US Carriers going to Show Ads on Android Lock Screen with a Glance. It is going to happen soon. They have already made Contracts with a few US Mobile. But When you want to see new things every day, make the regular dull Lock screen into something you can try. There is no confirmation about whether it is a must-forced feature or not.
Glance Android Lock Screen Ads

US Mobile Carriers Ads on Android Lock Screen

The company is in discussions with wireless companies within the US for partnerships and is preparing to introduce a range of smartphones in the coming months, the source told us, asking for anonymity because the process is ongoing and confidential.

Glance, valued at about $2 billion, provides news and media content and casual games on Android smartphones and lock screens. It has earned the presence of more than 400 million phones in the Asian market. According to the source, it plans to construct a “premium product” specifically for the US, where individuals tend to purchase digital services.

Gaming Screen in Android Lock Screen Glance

A Glance Contract with US Mobile

Glance is currently set on the introduction of lock screen ads on more Android smartphones within the United States. The company is now in discussions about a partnership with US Mobile and plans to release “several” smartphones in the “next month.” (August or September 2022). The US model of this technology is a “premium service” for those who purchase online services.”

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Glance has a prominent profile among Investors

Glance’s rapid growth has attracted numerous high-profile financiers, including Google and Jio Platforms, India’s largest telecom provider with more than 425 million subscribers.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

Lock Screen Ads are not new

Lockscreen advertisements on Android phones aren’t an entirely new phenomenon. Amazon has been putting ads on subsidized Android smartphones for many years, including the “Prime exclusive” line, and has also employed this method to lower costs for their Android tablet. Some brands are also known for using their system applications to advertise new services or products and services, with Samsung being an instance in recent times; however, Amazon has almost completely stopped using the method.

Wrap Up

Since everything is made up and Samsung already has a tie-up with Glance, most probably Samsung may show Ads in a few months. People will hate it. But When they provide better Interesting content, maybe they may adapt. But, Mobile companies should understand from a user perspective. I have complete control over my mobile when I pay for my mobile, unlike watching videos or rent-like platforms. So, I already paid for my subscriptions. So, Don’t show Ads to me like it. If they provide some cuts on the overall cost for showing Ads to users, Then they convert their intention. They should separate those mobiles, Or else people will slowly move to Alternatives like Apple iPhone. What are your thoughts about US Carriers going to Show Ads on Android Lock Screen? Share it below.

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