T-Mobile TVision Google TV Dongle now available for $50 or $4/mo Plans

Most TV manufacturers begin to use Android TV or Google TV as a default OS in their products. But, Still, some of the leading companies, including Samsung and LG, use their OS. We can find most of the popular apps on their TVs. But, When we want to use other apps available in the Platy Store, We may not see those in their OS. Fortunately, We can convert any Smart TV into Android TV using Dongles. Google already released Chromecast with Google TV that works on Android OS and can transform any TV with an HDMI port into Android TV. Chromecast is not the only option for this process. There are plenty of other devices available. T-Mobile has already announced they are working on the new Stream device. Now, T-Mobile TVision Google TV Dongle is available for $50 or $4/mo for 12 months Plan.
T-Mobile TVision with Remote Control

T-Mobile TVision Google TV Dongle

Google TV launched in late 2020 with the Chromecast. However, it’s been slow to catch on in the period since when Sony, TCL, and Realme joined the party. But, as of now, T-Mobile has quietly announced the TVision Hub, which is the second Google TV streaming stick to be offered across the United States.

It’s T-Mobile’s TVision streaming platform did not around for long; however, its name remains in the TVision Hub, which is the $50 dongle that is compatible that comes with Google TV. However, it seems to work similarly to Google’s Chromecast with T-Mobile’s branding. Compared with Chromecast, the devices come with an Ethernet port. This direct connection to the internet could be an advantage for those whose home Wi-Fi connection isn’t enough for the requirements of streaming video in 4K.

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TVision includes the remote with Netflix, YouTube, and Google Assistant buttons. Similar to Chromecast TVision, it also can support four-channel HDR streaming. It also connects with other devices such as headsets and game controllers using Bluetooth and USB-C.

As was announced by SEI Robotics via Twitter, the latest TVision HUB by T-Mobile is equipped with the Amlogic S905Y4. This T-Mobile TVision 4K device is powered by Google’s Chromecast but driven by Google TV. It will run with Android 11 TV OS. This is quite ironic since Google’s Chromecast is still running Android TV OS 10.

The Amlogic S905Y4 mentioned above is a more recent SoC than the model used inside Google TV’s Google TV Chromecast. The new SoC should likely result in better performance while using the interface. It’s unclear how much storage space the device can hold, but the home page has a decent-sized remote. The remote comes with buttons designed explicitly for the Assistant, Netflix, YouTube, and the power and input buttons specifically designed for TVs. In addition, the new streaming device from T-Mobile has an integrated Ethernet port, meaning you don’t need to worry about losing the signal from your Wi-Fi.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

Price and Plans

Currently, on the official T-Mobile site, The device is available for $50 as a one-time payment or $4.17/mo for 12 Months plan.

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Wrap Up

It is always a wise idea to purchase Android TVs. But for some reason, due to better Displays in the Samsung and LG, You should buy T-Mobile TVision kind of Dongles to increase the view experience. Mostly we spend more than $500 on our Smart TVs. Spending an additional $50 will change your whole TV experience. Also, Now only Chromecast and T-Mobile are available with Google TV. Compared with regular Android TV, Google TV has a better UI and has already been certified by most Streaming services like BBC and Peacock. Did you plan to buy Stream Dongles? Did T-Mobile get your attention? Share your thoughts below.

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