TCL Google TV version now available from $280 in Best Buy

After TV manufacturers adapted Android TV as their OS, Now companies began o use Google TV UI in their Smart TVs. Compared with regular Android TV, When they use the Google TV version, They already have a massive list of certified streaming services. So, they don’t have to apply for the approval process manually. Also, Most of the popular Stream services only approved Google TV and some Sony TV versions. After the Chromecast device, Google TV is officially only available with TCL TV. Due to supply chain issues, TCL stopped Google TV versions a few months. They bring back the TCL Google TV version available from $280 in Best Buy.
TCL Google TV UI Screen

TCL 4-Series with Google TV

The TCL 4-Series range is made exclusively of 4K UHD televisions on the affordable side of the spectrum; however, they are a step up from low-cost models. For TCL, this means removing premium features such as HDMI 2.1, Quantum Dot display technology, Variable rate support, and much more. Perhaps the most significant loss would be the loss of Dolby Vision.

Even with those missing features, TCL’s 4 Series equipped with Google TV appears to offer essentially the same experience to higher-end panels. They still come with the far-field microphones and Mute switches that enable Google Assistant and “Hey Google” support, without the remote. They also come with Alexa integration. However, Best Buy and TCL’s descriptions for these models do not mention the storage capacity or other specifications, so we cannot directly compare them with the 6-Series and 5-Series however, they have up to 32GB of storage onboard.

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Google TV version of TCL 4-Series available from $280 in Best Buy

The 4-Series from TCL comes with either three or four HDMI inputs, based on the dimension of the television purchased and screen sizes ranging from 43 inches up to 85 inches. Prices start at $349 for the Starting model, which is currently reduced by $279.99 and climbs higher from when it reaches $279.99. TCL 4 Series Google TVs are sold in Best Buy both online and in stores that are local to you.

From just $280, you can enjoy 4K UHD resolutions ranging from 43-inches up to 85-inches and integration with intelligent assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant, and of course, Google Assistant.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

Buy TCL Google TV 4-Series.

What are features lacking in the $280 version?

Some compromises aren’t as significant as the absence of HDMI 2.1 and the ability to change the refresh rate and other high-end technology for display. If you’re seeking a last-minute, relatively inexpensive present, The new Google 4-Series TVs might be worth looking into, particularly with a discount of $70 Best Buy appears to be offering.

It is worth noting that TCL had previously offered Android TV models to other retailers, like Target However, this appears not to be the case for these latest models. It is only available with limited suppliers like Best Buy.

Wrap Up

Chromecast with Google TV alone is selling for $49. But for only $279, You can get a 43-Inch 4K Display Google TV with all the latest features. Compared with other Smart TVs, TCL Displays are always great and will give cinematic experiences at this rate. Also, Since it is based on Google TV, You will get timely updates and patches. Also, most popular streaming services like the BBC, Peacock, and other services already certified Google TV. Thus you will not face any incompatibility streaming issues. Did you plan to buy TCL Google TV 4-Series? Or Else, did you find any other better deal? Share your thoughts below.

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