T-Mobile $15 Add-on gives 2TB Google One and Unlimited Original Quality Photos Upload

When you have popular mobile operator plans, There is a chance that you can unify lots of bill payments into single monthly payments. Since they have a huge user base, Popular platforms will make a tie-up with them, and in most situations, You can get discount subscriptions and a low price than the usual price. Through your carrier bills, they can manage Disney+, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and even Google Play Credits. T-Mobile is one of those best carriers that work with other services and provide better prices. Most of the users are already using their Stream services. T-Mobile’s $15 Add-on gives 2TB Google One and Unlimited Original Quality Photos Upload.
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T-Mobile 2TB Google One with Unlimited Original Quality Photos Upload Addon

T-Mobile’s postpaid customers can sign up for an add-on plan starting April 26. It includes two terabytes of Google One storage space and unlimited original-resolution Google Photos storage for $15 per month. You can still get unlimited photo storage with the $10 monthly open-to-all Google One plan.

Google originally offered unlimited “high-quality” or compressed storage in Photos to Pixel owners. However, They removed this incentive last year. Five bucks per month for unlimited full-quality storage is great if you already have the two-gig Google One plan. It’s better than trying to get free storage from a first-gen Pixel.

T-Mobile $15 Google One Add-on Plan Features

Customers get unlimited storage for all photos and videos and a massive 2TB for Gmail or Google Drive. This unique offering is ideal for family photographers and video enthusiasts who want to save a lifetime’s worth of family photos, videos, and memories.Google One Photos T-Mobile Add-On Plan

  • We can store unlimited photos and videos in high resolution.
  • Back up and restore your phone’s content.
  • You can access your content on any device.
  • Extended trials are available for Google services such as YouTube Premium, Stadia, etc.
  • Advanced photo editing features.
  • Up to 5 additional people can share 2TB of storage.
  • VPN Access for Android and iOS.
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Only the primary account holder can access unlimited storage for photos or videos.


You can start your free trial in just a few weeks if you are interested in the new deal. To learn more, visit T- Mobile’s site.

Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo
Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo

Wrap Up

It is wise to add more value-added services into the carrier billing plans. Users can manage all the bills in one place, But They can also get the offer prices and stick with those carriers for a long time. That’s why companies like Verizon even manage Google Play Store billing. It didn’t only reduce the user stress, but it also made the users complicated to leave the carriers. So, Most of the users stick with them for the long term.

Coming to the T-Mobile Google One Photos Add-On plan, The value is high. Since recent Smnartphoens use high MP storage for Photos and Videos, you don’t need to waste the storage from your main plan. Instead, you can use Unlimited Google Photos with Original quality. Did you feel the T-Mobile add-on was useful? Share your thoughts below.

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