Google One VPN available in iOS for 2TB Plans and Android Received Three New Features

Since Wi-Fi has become a standard data connection in most places, People have begun to use those connections wherever possible. But, Unlike our Home connections, We don’t know about the infrastructure of the Wi-Fi connection. It leads to security doubts. In those situations, We can use VPN. But any VPN always reduces the speed of regular links. Unlike other VPNs, Google One VPN is entirely different. Yes, We can’t choose our preferred country or locations currently. But, It added a security layer to protect the connection. It also allows secure connections like Bank transactions without issues. Google One VPN is already available for Android users. Now, Google One VPN is available in iOS for 2TB Plans.
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Google One VPN

Security and privacy are the foundation of everything Google creates. Their systems come with sophisticated security features built-in to make sure that nobody uses the VPN to link your online activities to your personal information. Most Google clients’ libraries are open-sourced, and the end-to-end system is independently verified. Already, Google One VPN has the complete accreditation of the Internet of Secure Things Alliance (ioXt) and has passed all eight of the ioXt’s security standards.

Google One VPN available in iOS

Google One VPN is expanding its services to iOS devices right now; however, Android isn’t excluded. There are new features that Google has added to its platform, and they’re beneficial.

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The news from the Apple side is simple–if you are using a compatible Google One subscription and an iPhone has a VPN, you’ll be able to use the VPN. It’s available in Google One, the Google One app, but the latest version may take a bit to be released. Google has added VPN support for ten more countries, including Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland.

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Google One VPN Android receives Safe Disconnect, App By-Pass, and Snooze

For Android devices, three brand new VPN options include Safe Disconnect App Bypass for a snooze, as well as App Bypass Snooze. You can utilize Safe Disconnect if you’re a bit cautious by ensuring that your smartphone solely connects via the VPN. The app Bypass is the reverse alternative, allowing you to use apps that you want to use your regular connection. Snooze lets you temporarily suspend the VPN without removing it. These are the kinds of features you typically encounter within the dedicated VPN services, and it’s refreshing to observe Google improve its offerings.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
  • Safe Disconnect-You can only connect to the web if the VPN is enabled.
  • App bypass- Let certain apps connect using an ordinary connection instead of a VPN.
  • Snooze-You can temporarily turn off your VPN.


Whatever platform you choose to use, the Google One VPN is only available to users with the 2TB Premium plan or more significant. You can also use this VPN (and additional Google One benefits) with up to five family members to make it more affordable.

Wrap Up

Google tries to put new valuable features and storage options in Google One. The VPN option may not look like a big deal from the outside. But when you have a 2TB plan, You have to go through data upload and download often. So, When Google VPN comes in handy, You can connect with any other network without worrying about security. Now, Google One VPN is available in iOS also. So, Now, You can buy a 2TB plan without worrying about cross platforms devices that others have in your family. Did you try out the new features if you have an Android mobile? Share your Experience below.

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