Soon You can use Five Facebook Profiles with the Same Account

Unlike regular personal accounts, Social media platforms don’t have to restrict users with boundaries. Facebook already has lots of options to use the profile with limited limitations. They already allow us to create multiple pages from our account. With the recent testing, Soon, We can use Five Facebook Profiles with the Same Account. We can use those accounts for multiple tasks. Since Everyone needs personal life apart from the Social and Working life, Allowing multiple profiles is an excellent way of restricting us from another group of people.
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Five Facebook Profiles with the Same Account

Meta Platforms Inc said on Thursday that its most popular Facebook social media platform, Facebook, is offering users the ability to keep as many as five profiles. This is a radical departure in comparison to the previous “real name” requirements the company has been implementing since its beginning.

Certain Facebook users will be granted the option of creating as many as four new profiles linked to their accounts. The idea is that these additional profiles can be used for various reasons, such as those for family members, friends, colleagues, and others to interact with influential influencers and interest groups. Users will remain with one account, but you can change profiles in only a few clicks.


The company will insist that every user have just one Facebook account and the primary account still using the user’s name as their real name. Once logged into that account, users can access any other profiles they make.

Facebook Five Profile Rules

In its announcement, Meta said its rules against impersonation and other false identities would remain in force for all profiles. Each profile can have a distinct username and name for as long as it’s unique and doesn’t contain any numbers or other special characters. But, your primary profile should be under your actual name. To protect yourself from abuse, Facebook says that all other profiles are subject to its guidelines, and you cannot use them to conceal your identity or impersonate others. Facebook will report additional profiles that violate its policies that could affect your primary account.

Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo
Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo


As previously mentioned, Facebook is currently testing the feature on several users. However, it might not be available to all people. Facebook hasn’t shared any information about a more significant launch so far. We’ll notify you if the additional profile support begins expanding extensively.

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Wrap Up

In the long run of any platform, You have to accept the reality of how many users lack options in real-time. When you have only one Facebook account, You have to restrict yourself from posting personal posts to all your followers and friends. Creating a personal profile will allow us to share our daily lives without restrictions. Those who follow and your friends already know, It is your personal life and doesn’t have to be judged. In your Business or Influencing account, You can deal with official updates. What are your thoughts about Five Profiles in One Facebook account? Share your thoughts below.

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