Google TV begins to show Personalized Screensaver with Weather, Podcast and Video Suggestions

The reason Google TV got famous within a short span is they are constantly improving its platform. They always listen to the forum feedback from users and feedback. Google already keeps adding new stream platforms often. Along with it, They continually improve their UI as well. Now, Google TV has begun to show Personalized Screensaver with Weather, Podcast, and Video Suggestions. So, the Screensaver can suggest photos, videos, and podcasts based on your interest as per the profile selection.
Google TV Personalized Screensaver

Google TV Personalized Screensaver

Google TV is widely rolling out “Proactive Personalized Results” at minimum to Chromecast Google TV owners. This feature was made available as part of the limited release on the Mecool KD3 streaming stick. We’ve seen this feature go live on at minimum four different Chromecasts within the last hour across several accounts. However, the quality is yet to be available on non-Google devices such as a TCL 6-Series TV.

Google TV Personalized Screensaver

Powered by Google Assistant, the “Proactive Personalized Results” appear on your TV along with the usual screensaver images. You’ll get results for weather songs, videos, and quotes about the latest Screensaver. News and scores for sports will be displayed according to your preferences.

How to Enable Personalized Screen Saver in Google TV?

  • On your Google TV home screen, in the upper right-hand corner, click on the icon for user-profiles and click Settings.
  • Select System Ambient mode.
  • Select what you would like to display:
  • Google Photos: Select albums or photos on your Google Photos Account account.
  • Gallery of art: Choose featured photos, fine art, and much more.
  • Test: Try out new sources and content.
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How to Disable?

The feature is activated by default. However, We can disable it with the utmost ease. Go to Settings > Accounts and Sign-in Google Account > toggle Proactive Personalized Results.

Show Particular Photos

Google Home Speaker Group Setup

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
  • On your phone, open Google Home App.
  • Choose your TV.
  • On the right side on the right side, click Settings. On the right-hand side, click Settings. Ambient mode. Google Photos.
  • Choose the albums or photos you would like to display on your television.

Show Weather and Time on Screen Saver

  • On your Google TV home screen, on the right-hand side, you can click on the user’s profile icon and select Settings.
  • Click to select the System and then Ambient Mode.
  • In the section “More settings,” choose:
  • Weather: Choose degC, degF, or Both.
  • Time: Choose to show or cover the time.

Wrap Up

Even though the overall price for Google TV is $49 in most regions, Google didn’t treat this device as a cheap product and provided less software support. They offer and roll out massive helpful updates often. Google has big plans like releasing Google TV as a separate product like Xiaomi and other Android TVs. Since companies like Xiaomi began moving to Amazon Fire TV, Google is positioned to start a new product lineup and protect its Android TV OS. Also, creating the original products to enhance sales is always a wise idea. They already did it with Pixel mobile lineups. Did you get the Personalized Screensaver on your Google TV? Share your experience below.

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